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Just exploring this moblog thing. Mechanics. Desireables. Feasabilities. Fun-ness. Therapy. Art.

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It's ponderous...

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Harry ponders life, the universe and everything....He comes up with 43. Still a bit of learnin' to do
31st Jan 2009, 06:17   | tags:comments (0)

Happy Boy

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He sure is!

But geez, these babies are hard work. Not *hard* work, just need attention all the time.

For instance, I can't sit at the computer and ignore Harry, or he starts grizzling.

And then there is the feeding, the poooing...
31st Jan 2009, 06:12   | tags:comments (0)

Hi Grandpa!

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"Tell me all about it Grandpa..."
31st Jan 2009, 06:04   | tags:comments (0)


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Harry is developing his personality, and coming up with some great facial expressions.

He smiles. He coos.

In general, he is a good natured little boy - thank goodness! He doesn't get too upset about things, and even looks cute when he cries.
6th Jan 2009, 04:58   | tags:comments (3)

Dad Takes Nice Pictures

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I really like this photo - colour, perspective, Harry....
6th Jan 2009, 04:56   | tags:comments (0)

Kippin' with Dad

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The boys sleeping....
6th Jan 2009, 04:55   | tags:,comments (0)

Harry Says "Ho"

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Stan couldn't resist buying this santa suit...ok, ok, he was a bit drunk when he went shopping...yeh, yeh, its cheesy....but so CUTE!
27th Dec 2008, 05:14   | tags:comments (1)

Loves His Dad

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Because I was in recovery from surgery, Stan and Harry got a really good opportunity to bond for the first two hours of his life.

Harry loves his Dad and his Dad adores him. Dad is our hero.
23rd Dec 2008, 07:41   | tags:,comments (2)