The Old Post House

by linzirich

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In March 2006 Dave & Linzi Rich bought this dilapidated old post house. Here's a record of the progress and it's highs and lows.



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A couple of weeks pass in June.A hole in the wall gets patched up.Meanwhile, the hedge comes to life ;)
21st Sep 2006, 02:04   comments (1)


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09 June 2006

How shocking is it to turn up to your 'dream home to be' and find a big hole in it!

With the last of the new roof trusses going in and walls coming out. RSJs
have been put in, to support the roof.

This is the window in bedroom 2 pictured in both photographs, with our new gorgeous oak lintels.The whole point of opening up this wall is to create a passage to the new and improved bedroom 3 which will be created above the old post office. The plan is to raise the roof and build up the walls (675mm). We've even found 2 original window openings just under the eaves which I hope we can utilise.

Please let the weather stay good.

New A Frames

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There was a lot of debate about what to do with the trusses in the roof, and then of course the roof itself.
The surveyors said the wood was sound and to treat it for bugs, and Dave said he didn't trust their strength. For me, I just figured that if we were sorting everything else out we shouldn't cut corners. And Odgey made it as painless as possible. We'd feared we'd end up spending far more than planned, but here it is, the 'impossible'.


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I'm so gob-smacked when I see the house.It's all I can do to remember to take photographs.Chimney breast in the dining room, gone.
21st Sep 2006, 01:12   comments (0)

Face Lift

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11 May 2006

Tired of humping great big stones, Odgey decided to give the place a face lift.

Surprisingly (or not) the most common question asked by friends and family has been "Are you going to leave it PINK?"

With the render gone, the house can breathe and show off a bit of that beautiful stone which we always hoped was under there ;)

How to lose a stone wall in 7 days...

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At this point a number of friends and family came to see the house for the first time. I should have been taking photos of their faces not the walls ;)

The faces said "you ARE mad, I always KNEW you were mad" and "I'm so glad it's you and not me"


Builders In!

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01 May 2006

Odgey the builder starts work.

Here he's knocked a hole in the wall between bedroom 2 and the bathroom.

He's also dismantling the chimney breast here. I'm sad to lose it, but there's no chimney stack, and the wall behind needs to come down to allow us to make a lovely bedroom 3.

The house had previously been extended on these two sides, and the 50-60cm thick external walls were left in place.

The single storey extension 'behind' this chimney, was built in 1900 and was the village post office and shop. The extension where the bathroom is positioned seems like a similarly old lean-to which was extended up, sometime after breeze-blocks became common ;)


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Just some of the mess we made in the first week.
We filled 2 huge skips before the builder even got his hands on it.
See I put all the lovely wood to one side.
Waste not, want not.
20th Sep 2006, 23:49   comments (0)
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