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Either inspire us to enhance our listening pleasure, raid our record collections for forgotten gems, or simply face public ridicule for your poor taste.

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Coldcut & Shack

(viewed 1738 times)
Mt Nicholls is a top tune on this CD plus this Jap version of the classic Shack CD has extra tracks and mixes by Mick Head and da boys
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Posted by DocD

6th Jan 2007, 19:40   comments (0)

Andrew W.K.

(viewed 1334 times)
Been listening to AWK lately including his 3rd album Close Calls With Brick Walls (only being released in Japan and Korea but i'm sure enterprising people can get hold of it). I've never understood people who listen to the most depressing music they can find when they are down, i'd rather jump around the house punching about in random directions to this thanks.
Remember this people, you can't spell RAWK! without AWK!

Posted by Groovicron

18th Dec 2006, 08:58   comments (0)

Incredible album

(viewed 1515 times)
Yvonna, by oleg kostrov, incredible bouncy lounge music. Also behind the amazing supersonic futures

Posted by Alfie

4th Dec 2006, 19:34   comments (0)

tom waits rocks

(viewed 1732 times)

this is almost my most favouritest album ever ever ever.

Posted by monkey finger

27th Nov 2006, 13:37   comments (7)

these two

(viewed 1880 times)
-these two, both weird, and great.

posted by monkey_finger

Posted by monkey finger

6th Oct 2006, 14:07   comments (0)

melanesian choirs

(viewed 1941 times)

Posted by monkey finger

31st Aug 2006, 10:46   comments (1)

"Have Moicy!"

(viewed 2991 times)
Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, & Jeffrey Frederics & the
Clamtones.i've listened to it 3 times this morning. Love it!

Posted by

29th Jun 2006, 17:04   comments (0)

Tom Smith - The Last Hero On Earth

(viewed 1226 times)
Comic book opera by the world's fastest filker.

Posted by twfarlan

27th Jun 2006, 13:48   comments (0)