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Goodbye Disney .......hellooo New Orleans!! Well Good Bye New York.....Hello Disney World and warmer weather... New York State of Mind!!!! Happy New Year to all!!! London has been great! but bitterly cold......although I fear nothing compared to new york! family day yesterday.... see photos... off to new today ..... yay!!! Finally made it too London after avery long night!! Landed at 5pm and have keep going through till 7pm. Shopping at camden markets and then we did the Tower of london!!! what will tomorrow bring?? Back in action on eve of next big trip to the US of A!!! Stay tuned.... Home now!!!! Yeah! Post holiday blog coming soon.

Hong Kong - foggy - gloomy - broke phone - no more pics.

Bacelona great!!!! 10 stars. Gaudi - Miro - Picasso.

Now in the relaxing sights of St Emilion. South of France. Chill out time before the final leg to Barcelona on another overnight train. then Hong Kong and home. 1 week to go. We are all still alive and kicking!!
Love small towns!! Peace, tranquility, expresso and strange French people.

Love to all.

Eurodisney, what a blast!!
Max and Sass did space moutain 3 times!
we climb the tower effiel today!

Bonjour from Paris!!!
We made it on overnight train in one piece just. A little weary but still smiling, off to Monmarte!!

on route to Paris.

Cortina! Cold! BRRRR!!! But beautiful.
Tobogganing cooool!! Again - again - again!
Sassie scared of the chair lift monster.

Bongiorno from Venice!!!
Pics coming soon!!

Sarah n Lyndle hope you have sorted uot the Molly thing!!! Lucky pussy!!

Thanks for all the love!!


watch out world here we come!!!
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We're dreaming of a white christmas.

We get to Italy and finally the moblog works!!!
Pictures galore!!!
Bloody England, cold and technology useless..
Loved it thou!!!!!
England cold!!!
Christmas Good!!

London Rocks!!
Lots of shops.
Said Hi to the Queen
Harrods, Hamleys have all been seen.

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An earlier shot. Marcus at home. For tho

(viewed 489 times)
An earlier shot. Marcus at home. For those who had forgotten what he looks like. Nice house though.
3rd Jan 2007, 11:38   comments (3)

At the ruins of pompeii. Amazing. Colour

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At the ruins of pompeii. Amazing. Colours. Lots me stone. Haunting. Cold n dusty windy.
Onto rome.
2nd Jan 2007, 14:02   comments (2)

We made it. Ahh italy. Pompeii. Pizza. T

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We made it. Ahh italy. Pompeii. Pizza. The leaning tower of.
1st Jan 2007, 20:47   comments (0)

London from the eye.

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London from the eye.
1st Jan 2007, 17:59   comments (1)

Beautiful bath.

(viewed 369 times)
Beautiful bath.
1st Jan 2007, 17:58   comments (2)

Foggy bristol. Welcomed us.

(viewed 357 times)
Foggy bristol. Welcomed us.
1st Jan 2007, 17:57   comments (0)

Ahh the country!

(viewed 403 times)
Ahh the country!
1st Jan 2007, 17:55   comments (2)


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1st Jan 2007, 17:54   comments (4)