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It's always the little things that hold me back.
Things like not being able to find the blue-tack;
rushing to get to the door, and not being able to find a shoe;
getting so caught up in my emotions that I can no longer see the wood from the trees.
I can't do everything, that's true, but it's no excuse to stop trying.

Moblog is very slow. Wordpress is amazing.

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Little update

It's been a while since I posted in here (and it'll probably be a while until I post again), but quite a bit has happened, I've graduated, had (and lost) part time jobs, and I'm getting married in January, to my best friend of seven years :-)

I'm also trying to scrape money together by selling my designs and stuff, as the work and freelance stuff is going pretty rough at the moment. Some day I'd like to open up a physical shop, but we haven't settled yet, so here's my online Etsy one (if you see something that you fancy/ want to support me, it's greatly appreciated!):
30th Mar 2016, 10:43   | tags:,comments (0)

P is for

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Penguin! This WAS/ is going to be a greetings card, but I decided to mess around a bit with these guys (who knows, maybe the greetings card should be hand rendered?) But I think that I might also produce a couple more letters of the alphabet (maybe available as prints... It depends how much, if at all, demand I get for them, as well as how broke I am).


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Our seal point ragdoll kitten, helping me to design a picture book :-)
24th Apr 2015, 14:33   | tags:,comments (0)

It's been a while

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But I thought I'd visit Moblog again- the thought just came to mind as I was thinking about meeting an old pal again :-)
That being said, I'm not sure how many people I knew still use this site... Anyhow, I thought that it might not do any harm to post a few links on here as I'm getting around a bit.
Blog (that I'm likely to be using more than Moblog:

Recommit to Women's Liberation... again.

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Another editorial illustration for my portfolio. I guess I'm just looping now...

Recommit to recommit to women's liberation

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Another try, because the last one was too busy.

Recommit to women's liberation

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A piece that I completed for an editorial brief on feminism. Yes, I know that there are many things wrong with it, but fehs.


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