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The mobile blog of the BBC & Creative Partnerships Making Connections project in Sheffield, England.

Teenagers from Sheffield will be reporting on Sheffield Children's Festival and other news throughout July 2007.

The students are from Firth Park, Handsworth Grange, Myers Grove and Newfield schools in Sheffield and have been working with a BBC journalist since January 2007.

This full time news blog is their work experience.

Please leave a comment or feedback.

The views expressed are those of the participating students and not the BBC.


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Do your parents know where you are?

The story of two sixteen year old girls, who have been accused of carrying £300,000 of cocaine out of Ghana, hit the headlines this week.

The girls' parents believed they were on a school trip to France at the time. This story led us to ask teens if they had ever lied to their parents and if so what happened? We also turned the tables on teens and asked parents if their children have ever lied to them and what the consequences were.

Listen to our interview piece to find out what the parents and teens had to say!

Teens turn green

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Did you know you can now calculate your carbon footprint online?

Global warming has hit the headlines recently because of torrential rain causing extreme floods all across Yorkshire. Many celebrities have jumped on the green bandwagon by joining in on Live Earth to raise money and awareness of this issue.

Also in the media there has been lots of talk about
carbon footprints: the amount of carbon dioxide you produce as an individual. Factors such as air travel, electricity and car travel all increase our carbon footprints.

We calculated a typical teenager's carbon footprint which was
6.42kilograms of carbon per year and the average carbon footprint is 4.52.

We were shocked by this information so we decided to find out how we could try and reduce it. We interviewed students and staff at Firth Park to see if they understood about carbon footprints and also Tim Riley an expert on the subject.

Watch our video to find out what we learned.

Log onto:

Direct Gov Environment and Greener Living

Lazy teens!

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Are teenagers having enough sleep? A new study of 1600 American teenagers has concluded that teens are amongst the most sleep deprived of the population.

Experts consider 8 hours to be the minimal amount of sleep that teenagers need but we found out from the teenagers we interviewed that this wasn't the case.

So, why aren't teens sleeping enough?

Well, there are lots of reasons, of course, ranging from older teens having too much to do to fit into a 15-hour-waking-day (including real work to earn money, extra classes their parents sign them up for, sports and other
extra-curricular school activities) to studying too hard.

So, how is this affecting teenagers?

Two girls find out different views, from different sources, concerning the major issue *'TEENS AND THEIR SLEEPING HOURS'.*

Firth Park reports for The Nu Black

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Hello I'm Aaron I'm 15 years old and I go to Firth Park School. This week I've been working on a radio program, which will be aired on Sunday between 8 and 10pm.

I went out onto the streets of Sheffield to ask young people the same question "what leisure activities do you like to do in summer and why?" The responses ranged from sports to making music to partying with mates.

When I approached the first couple of people, I felt nervous and shy because I've never done that type of thing before but later on, after I asked five people, my confidence started to increase.

The interviewee that stood out to me was the first one because she was confident in what she was saying.

When I got back to the studio I started editing the audio with the help of Rav, who is a radio journalist. We picked out the best six sound bites and edited it so it was about one minute long. When I heard the finished version I was really impressed! Listen out for me on The Nu Black.

Are teenagers creative enough?

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Three Firth Park students went to find out, with the help of BBC Blast!

BBC Blast is a program to try and encourage teenagers to be more creative in
writing, videoing, editing and much more. At the moment the BBC Blast bus is
on tour, going all around the UK. They just arrived at Tudor Square in
Sheffield on the 10th July 2007. Alicia, Thomas and Ashley went to find out
what BBC Blast is all about and how it encourages young people to be more
creative and get out there! The three Firth Park students interviewed
people, experienced some of the workshops to see if BBC Blast can really
encourage teens' to get out there. Watch our video to find out what

Firth Park students go live

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Ten talented Media Studies students are entering the working life at BBC
Radio Sheffield. For one week, these budding journalists will scour the
streets of Sheffield for the latest scoops.

Look out for Jade, the sweet-faced shopaholic and her sidekick Sama, a
fellow fashion fan. Alicia is the girl with the big heart intent on saving
the world's wildlife. Marios and Thomas are the lads with the quirky style
and the sleekest hair in town.

Ashley and Connor are sport-mad jokers. See them together - Connor the
pint-sized one. Aaron's a shy, modest lad but he's quite a dark horse. Adowa
may come across as timid but she's got a lot to say. Amy has lots of ideas
and can see good qualities in others too.

Look out for us and our stories: the next big thing.
9th Jul 2007, 18:12   comments (3)

Teenagers make the news

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We are Bethany, Sarah ,Tom ,Will, Jade, Hannah, Georgina, Lyanne and Georgia,
we are all at BBC Radio Sheffield doing work experience.
Over the last five days we have been making videos, learning how to use
audio and camera skills. We have made some videos in small groups which we
all hope you enjoy. All these videos are different, they vary from stories
about the flooding of the Sheffield Wednesday ground to underage drinking.
Also we have made a short video about our time here and what we have been
getting up to. It briefly shows what we got up to each day, so average
teenager's got to find out what goes on in the world of work at Sheffield's
local radio station. It shows teenagers working hard whilst having fun!Hope you enjoy it!

Are you underaged?

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We went to Handsworth Grange School to ask people's opinions on drinking,smoking and drug taking.

by Georgia and Lyanne.

Picture is a reconstruction.