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The mobile blog of the BBC & Creative Partnerships Making Connections project in Sheffield, England.

Teenagers from Sheffield will be reporting on Sheffield Children's Festival and other news throughout July 2007.

The students are from Firth Park, Handsworth Grange, Myers Grove and Newfield schools in Sheffield and have been working with a BBC journalist since January 2007.

This full time news blog is their work experience.

Please leave a comment or feedback.

The views expressed are those of the participating students and not the BBC.


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In many newspapers today we constantly see images of hyped up celebrities just because they have a new hair cut or are wearing an outrageous outfit.

Some people now believe that others are too obsessed over their image and appearance.

Due to the vintage fashion exhibit in the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield we decided to test this hypothesis by asking people what they thought about fashion and whether they believe we're too obsessed with it.
By Hannah and Georgina

Teenage knife culture

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The legal age to carry a knife in the UK has recently been upped from 16 to 18. One of the main factors in this change of the law is the murder of a 15-year-old schoolboy from London.

We decided to get citizens of Sheffield's views on the matter of the growing increase in teenage murders.

Kiyan Prince was a 15-year-old British boy who attended the London Academy in Edgware , London. He was fatally stabbed on 18 May 2006 , receiving a single lethal knife wound, while attempting to break up a fight. He was described as a prodigious football talent and played for the QPR youth team. He was pronounced dead two hours after the attack, in the Royal London Hospital.

More on the Kiyan Prince case from BBC News

We interviewed some teenagers and a school teacher to get different views of knife culture. See our video for these views.

Here is a link to the action the South Yorkshire Police are taking to prevent this happening in our area:

by Will and Tom

Meadowhall back in business

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On Monday 25th June Meadowhall retail centre was in a state of distress due
to the whole of the lower half of its building being flooded.

After being closed for a week Boots re-opened. We spoke to Sean Davies, Manager, and Danielle Cape, Operation Team Manager about their experiences of the flooding.

He said his first priority was to make sure that all his staff got home safely. He praised his staff. "That day we all pulled together," said SeanDavies. He also spoke of a sense of "Dunkirk spirit."

The manager pointed out that many people see Boots as a shop but a major part of its business comes from its pharmaceutical side. That week Bootsfelt that it was their responsibility to make sure that all medicines were dispensed, especially essentials such as insulin for diabetics.

He then told us a story that occurred on Wednesday morning as a mother came in pleading for some baby milk. Davies was happy to help and that Boots could provide this for her.

Danielle Cape put a positive spin on all the recent negativity by saying that the lower half of the mall, which has been very badly damaged, will all need to be refurbished and that the customers will benefit from this. They
will be able to shop in a place that is revamped and vibrant.

We decided that it would be interesting to find out what shoppers in town thought about Meadowhall's recent closure and just how much Sheffield city centre's business had be affected by this.

Watch our video to hear these thoughts.

by Bethany, Jade and Sarah

Sheffield children's music and dance extravaganza

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Today the Winter Gardens were host to the Children's Street Festival.

Hannah and Georgina were there to catch the action.

Sheffield Wednesday flood latest

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The flood on Monday 25th June 2007 destroyed many homes and businesses in
South Yorkshire, including Meadowhall Shopping Centre (Sheffield) and Park
Gate Retail Centre (Rotherham) and burst the banks of many rivers.

Georgia spoke to Colin Wood, Communications Manager of Sheffield Wednesday
Football Club, about the flooding which happened last Monday.
Here's the full interview between Colin and Georgia;
Q: What were your feelings on the flood at the Sheffield Wednesday ground?

A: Obviously it was a great disaster; nobody really expected something like
this to happen. The club's been at Hillsborough for about 100 years and
nothing like this has ever happened. The pitch here was under 7ft of water,
there's a lot of work going on now, but it was a shock to see it like that
and the all the damage.
Q: Do you there'll be any long-term problems with ground?

A: Hopefully there'll be no long term problems, but there has been a lot of
damage due to the flooding. The South Gate is next to the river Don and has
had a lot of damage. The changing rooms, supporters' entrance, shop and bar
were under a lot of water. All around the pitch have been cleaners
disinfecting the seats due to flooding. But as for long-term, we are hoping
that things will be up and running in the next few weeks for next season.
Q: Do you think things will up and running for the beginning of next season?

A: Yes, we made a decision yesterday that the insurance that the club has
will cover it, but a lot has been cleaned up. The pitch's turf has got to be
pulled up tomorrow and will be replaced.
Q: Do you think there is anything that could have prevented this from
A: It's very difficult to say because it's never happened before, and no one
really in Sheffield expected it. But you could always not have the club at
the side of the river! But when you have that much rain in one day it's
something that you can't really prevent.

by Lyanne and Georgia, Handsworth Grange School.

Meet the team

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We are Hannah, Georgia, William, Georgina, Sarah, Tom, Jade B, Jade C,
Bethany, and Lyanne, from Handsworth Grange School. For our work experience
we are doing a group project at BBC Radio Sheffield which is part of media
studies and is also helping us to learn more about working in media. We are
all aged between 14 and 15. We are all working on different stories ranging
from the children's festival being held to the Hillsborough flooding. We
choose to write our stories around three main topics:

- Sheffield Children's Festival
- Teenagers
- Flooding

We choose these three topics because they are topical, they are relevant to
our age group and they are interesting.
About us


My name is Hannah I am 15 years old and I am in a called False Smile. I have
no brothers or sisters and I have a cat called Milly.


I am called Georgia I am 14 years old and I have a sister called Moya. I
have a dog, a cat and a rabbit and I have never been abroad.


My name is William I am 15 and I have one sister called Rhianna. My
favourite food is pasta and my favourite film is clockwork orange.


My name is Lyanne I am 15 and I have an older sister called Louise. I went
to Thailand and I got food poisoning.


My name is Georgina I am 14 and I have a sister that sings called Naomi. I
like giraffes and I can play piano.


My name is Tom I have a twin sister called Laura. I play football and I
support Sheffield United.


My name is Bethany and I have one sister called Jess. I am 14 years old, and
I like shopping.

Jade B

My name is Jade and I am 15 years old and I have one sister called Rhiannon
and I have a brother called Jordan.


I am called Sarah, I am 15 years old and I have no brothers or sisters. I
like trampolining, and going out with my friends

Jade C

My name is Jade I am 15 years old and I have one brother called Lee. My
favourite colour is pink.
Please watch our videos and we hope you enjoy them.
4th Jul 2007, 12:02   comments (3)

Steel City Stories 1 - Coming to Sheffield

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What does Sheffield look like when you arrive here from another country.

Students from Myers Grove are broadcasting their Steel City Stories on the
city's Fargate shopping centre all week. Come along with a phone and switch
on your Bluetooth to get the story.

Here's Monday's story if you missed it.

For more information see:
BBC Broadcasting: Bluetooth broadcasting feature
18th Jun 2007, 21:17   | tags:,comments (1)

Steel City Shorts

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Students from Myers Grove School have made a series of videos about the places that matter to them.

You can get them "blucast" free to your mobile phone on Fargate, Sheffield between 18th and 22nd June 2007.

Switch your Bluetooth on and you'll receive one of four videos free.

Never received anything via Bluetooth before?

BBC Radio Sheffield's Toby Foster shows you how easy it is in our short video.

Find out more here.