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Welcome to the little world of Mason including:

Who is Mason?
What is it like in Mason-World?

This blog is about me, some people have called me offensive in the past so this blog may contain things that may offend some. Conisder yourself warned and read on :) Don't forget to have fun.

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Hot in the office today

(viewed 436 times)

7th Sep 2006, 16:45   comments (3)

Hungover at work.

(viewed 533 times)

7th Sep 2006, 16:44   comments (3)

Looks like ming tastes cool.

(viewed 469 times)
Looks minging tastes ace. I had no idea caramac was still around :)
7th Sep 2006, 12:11   comments (10)

Didnt know they made caramac still

(viewed 478 times)

7th Sep 2006, 11:27   comments (8)

Our office lab. Benji.

(viewed 564 times)

7th Sep 2006, 11:26   comments (19)

We have a delivery for you mate. Where d

(viewed 489 times)

6th Sep 2006, 12:03   comments (7)

Uses for a pointless snack.

(viewed 476 times)
As it's too small to be usefull as a snack I've decided to try and find the cabury's snack a purpose, a reason D'etre.

On my mobile phone stand it doen't ring, on the phone to a customer it does not speak, in a DAT tape box it does nothing...

suggestions on a postcard please!!
5th Sep 2006, 15:12   comments (13)

Shouldn't it be called a cadburys morsel

(viewed 445 times)

5th Sep 2006, 12:01   comments (3)