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World Sauntering Day

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Today is World Sauntering Day

Everybody get yer saunter on.
19th Jun 2009, 14:34   comments (1)


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One of the prettier flowers in the garden. Goes well in Pimms/G'n'T too - both for flavour (vaguely cucumbery) and appearance.
12th Jun 2009, 15:58   | tags:,,comments (5)


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with apologies to Francisco Infante-Arana
9th Jun 2009, 00:31   | tags:,,comments (3)

Hound Service (mobile dog grooming in norwich)

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brushed and clipped; shampoo'd and conditioned; blow dry!

The blow dryer was less unpopular than I'd expected. He seemed pretty much ok with the whole thing, all things considered.

He's so clean and soft now, it's incredible.

I'm mentioning mobile dog grooming in norwich, just in case the nice chap with the van needs more work (although I had to book almost two months in advance, so he's not short of work!). He did a great job, was very impressed.

Inside Infinity III

Didn't take many photos, was spending most of time wandering around in happy daze. Was lovely. Want to live in this place. Despite being full of excited children, was still really relaxing.
4th Jun 2009, 15:40   | tags:,,comments (10)

sheperd's pie

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honestly, Sainsbury's, is it really all that hard to use a spellchecker?

At least they managed to get the apostrophe right.
4th Jun 2009, 15:34   | tags:,comments (0)


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this is why, when the weather is good enough, I brush my dog outside.

he's at the tail end of blowing out his winter coat, it's not always this bad. birds in our garden will have very nicely lined nests this year.
20th May 2009, 14:53   | tags:,comments (5)

electric wind harp

1,2: view from each end. before pickups were mounted. foreshortening disguises the fact it's over 2.5M long.

3: winding coils. thousands of turns = long and boring, yet stressful (hair thin copper could snap at any time!).

4: pickup in test position. working.

5: pickups mounted and amped up.

6: NOISES! It plays! Although, like all wind-things, the wind died the second I got a recording device out. Will hopefully be able to capture better audio when it's properly finished and installed.
18th May 2009, 13:15   | tags:,,comments (8)