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Nabru sofa review

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So, our sofa was screwed. It was a very cheap Argos sofa which we inherited second-hand several years ago. It was pretty knackered when we got it, let alone after years of abuse.

Hence, new sofa time (I've never bought brand new furniture before!). We designed our own from Nabru, which turned out to be a lot cheaper than buying something from DFS or the like. It arrived on a pallet, in pieces. I put it together with relatively little effort (or thought!). You might notice I put the arm covers on the wrong way around and had to change them - if I'd paid more attention to what I was doing, it wouldn't have taken more than half an hour or so, probably less.

It's well comfy. It's nice and solid-feeling (heavy!). We got to choose fabrics and colours, and paid significantly less than high-street prices. It's hard to say for sure about long-term comfort and/or durability, but it doesn't give the impression that it's going to fall apart anytime soon. Very impressed.

Note that in the video, I hadn't quite put the seats together fully - when totally finished, there's no visible wood pieces. There were seat options (soft and firm), so wanted to trial each one before final assembly.

Video options include: alternative soundtrack 1, alternative soundtrack 2 and glorious 1080 HD version
14th May 2009, 15:06   | tags:,,comments (40)

if you go down to the woods today

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7th May 2009, 12:22   | tags:,,comments (4)

gas bottle sauna heater

1. cut door hole

2. remove top section (why will be clear shortly)

3. hinges + bolts = door

4. chimney hole. will be flue'd later.

5. add bucket of basalt. need high-temp sealant to finish this one off, but it'll do for now.

6. first burn! will need a few of these to burn off any nasty volatiles on the bottle or bucket.

Total cost: about 20 quid. needed to buy bucket, rocks, and a handful of tools (which are re-usuable, obviously)

scorpion en booze

(viewed 1867 times)
Found towards the back of the Weird Booze cupboard. Gave me something of a shock.
28th Apr 2009, 15:28   | tags:,comments (8)

lawn sofa, stage three

(viewed 1974 times)
truckin' on.
24th Apr 2009, 13:23   | tags:,,comments (7)

lawn sofa, day two

(viewed 2370 times)
getting there. also including shot of the growing anti-sofa.
21st Apr 2009, 17:54   | tags:,,comments (7)

lawn sofa, stage one

(viewed 1908 times)
frame and tamping tools. now all it needs is several tonnes of soil, and then turfing!
20th Apr 2009, 14:27   | tags:,,comments (4)

makin' sausages

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1. grindin'
2. ready to shove into a tube.
3. giant sausage (over a metre long!)
4. links!

Recipe is 50/50 belly pork and loin pork, two egg yolks, garlic, nutmeg, salt+pepper, splash of semolina. Will try more interesting combos later, wanted something fast and simple to start with.
2nd Apr 2009, 17:44   | tags:,,comments (7)