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I like driving in my car

(viewed 2376 times)
it is a real Jaguar. I bought it from near Skegness. etc.
2nd Oct 2008, 14:03   | tags:,,comments (2)

hens in trough

(viewed 4564 times)
very organised of them.
28th Sep 2008, 16:05   | tags:,,,comments (4)


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23rd Sep 2008, 15:48   comments (2)


1991 XJ6, 3.2 litre straight six, automatic. 250 pounds. oh yes.

note: this is the second car I've bought in as many days. things are getting out of control...
21st Sep 2008, 12:51   | tags:,,comments (7)

" felt as though it was this long dark tunnel"

(viewed 1362 times)
travelling the wrong way down a one-way lens..
18th Sep 2008, 00:29   comments (1)

today's harvest

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1.2Kg of raspberries - there's at least three more kilo+ harvests coming over the next couple of weeks too. Our raspberry canes PRODUCE.

HORSERADISH! Strong enough to make my eyes water just when I was peeling it. I dread to think how hot any sauce will be.
13th Sep 2008, 18:10   | tags:,comments (10)

cat and mouse

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arf arf.
13th Sep 2008, 15:42   | tags:,,comments (5)


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what's the collective noun for linuxes?

Anyway, I have a lot. Left to right, top to bottom: Slax 5.1.8 'Popcorn' liveCD; gOS 3.0; Forensic and Incident Response Environment; Ubuntu 64bit; Damn Small Linux (entire OS boots from a single floppy!); Good Ole' Debian; Vector Linux Light; Symphony OS, with the revolutionary Mezzo desktop; an Xubuntu (superceded by Vector for speed/lightness); Arch and a ZoneMinder liveCD (Mandriva powered).

That's most of the distros I am currently using/considering/recently given up on.
7th Sep 2008, 13:46   | tags:,comments (2)