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(viewed 2308 times)
In my ear n'all. Cor.
5th Sep 2008, 16:15   | tags:,,comments (6)

digital TV - what the blazes?

(viewed 1533 times)
Telly people - what is this all about? Our TV isn't connected to anything for transmitting signals, it can only receive them. Where is it searching? Will it ever download anything, and if so, how? (no upstream means no error-checking, no requests to re-start transfer or re-transmit that missed packet, etc.)

Seriously, what the hell?
2nd Sep 2008, 19:08   comments (5)

bat, man

(viewed 3749 times)
it's flat, man.
21st Aug 2008, 16:20   | tags:,comments (11)


(viewed 1269 times)
Wasn't too hard. A relaxing of the driving style was all it took to go from 40-45mpg to 60mpg. Don't need no fancy (and expensive, and heavy) Synergy Drive or any nonsense like that. Merely a lighter touch on the throttle, and less rushing to get places. It's not a race..

I really must start using km/litre. Legacy units are silly.
19th Aug 2008, 10:17   comments (4)

lavatorial reading

(viewed 1282 times)
"The UK's best selling poultry magazine"

The sad thing is, the first time Rich bought this, I laughed. The second time, I was indifferent. When this one turned up, I was interested to see if there was anything good in it. And there was! (an article about humane slaughter and how best to achieve it)

It's probably only a matter of time until I try to get some of my photos into "Readers Hens" section.
13th Aug 2008, 16:31   comments (3)

Lemmy meets Lucy

(viewed 1492 times)
This is Lucy, who is staying with Tullis for a week while her owners are on holiday. She was a little overwhelmed by Lemmy's boundless energy, but they got on well enough.
9th Aug 2008, 10:19   | tags:comments (7)

hello hello

(viewed 1654 times)
I recognise that livery.... one of your mates, Joker?

(note: I pulled over and stopped car to take photo safely)
8th Aug 2008, 14:55   comments (7)

I remember....

(viewed 1614 times)
...when all this was just fields. So does google, if you look on the map (photo faces due east from map marker).

Now it's just really ugly houses that nobody wants to live in.
6th Aug 2008, 15:30   | tags:comments (7)