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have to go back for wisdom tooth extraction in a fortnight. that's going to be fun.

that guy isn't the dentist, btw, he was just sitting in the waiting room too.
11th Jun 2008, 14:50   comments (19)

An open letter to people with convertibles

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If you don't want a convertible car, give me yours. I will appreciate it, and treat it right. That means putting the roof down on sunny days. On modern cars it's only a matter of pressing a button (and maybe releasing two catches), there is NO EXCUSE.

I'm bitter, because I have to drive a very boring* car and I suspect now that I may never be able to afford to buy or run a dinky little sports roadster like I've always wanted.

* so boring I often feel like crashing it just so something will happen. It's a diesel 206.
11th Jun 2008, 14:48   comments (9)

grab a bargain

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23rd May 2008, 15:15   | tags:comments (11)


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weird. but comfy. feels like having very tough, high-friction bare feet.
23rd May 2008, 14:37   | tags:comments (9)

strapped on

(viewed 1438 times)
rsi-proof dog-walking setup. not that he pulls on his lead much at all, these days.
21st May 2008, 14:36   | tags:comments (2)

one angry hen

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actually surprisingly scary when your hand is within pecking range.
16th May 2008, 12:22   | tags:comments (6)

no post today

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13th May 2008, 19:38   | tags:comments (9)

phenom-on-om do-doo-dododo

(viewed 1567 times)
New hardware. Screenshot is from the (crashed) old-new hardware which was sent back after a day or so last week. Don't buy xx00-series phenoms, they are buggy as hell! In this pic, one of the four cores had crashed. Various parts of the system would keep running until they tried to run on the crashed core(s). Weird. Unfun.

Those copper tubes in the first shot are what the internet goes down.
13th May 2008, 17:33   | tags:comments (3)