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(viewed 1281 times)
can comes in? we haz eggz.
17th Apr 2008, 12:16   comments (3)

Thanks, hens. Thens.

(viewed 1833 times)
so good.... words... they should have sent a poet...
9th Apr 2008, 12:15   | tags:comments (15)

your dinner is in the ground

(viewed 1806 times)
with some hot rocks and some coals.
3rd Apr 2008, 18:43   | tags:,,comments (9)

mo' money

(viewed 2432 times)
I really like the new designs. Good one the Royal Mint.

more here
3rd Apr 2008, 12:39   comments (14)

chicken adventure playground

(viewed 9954 times)
and fake wooden tree with cd-leaves on.
31st Mar 2008, 18:17   | tags:,comments (11)


(viewed 1286 times)
27th Mar 2008, 18:23   comments (3)


(viewed 1219 times)
Vodafone MMS-to-Email Service

You have received a picture message from mobile number

Subject: You have received a new message

I hope none of you have had the pleasure.

[image inserted -- see DSC00006.jpg in attachments]

27th Mar 2008, 14:38   comments (1)

dog water

(viewed 1198 times)
I often wonder why bottled water for humans isn't illegal yet (or at least taxed to hell). then I see this kind of nonsense.

it's water with added calcium and it's a pound a litre.
27th Mar 2008, 12:12   comments (5)