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christmas meals

crocodile gumbo, kangaroo salad, wildebeest tagine, reindeer and chips, impala sandwich. recipes available on request.
29th Dec 2007, 14:33   | tags:comments (12)

Tefal QuickCup Kettle Review

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What the Tefal QuickCup is: a device for producing a stream of hot water, near-instantly.

What it's not: a complete replacement for your kettle.

So, big thing full of cold water, press button, spout spits out hot, filtered water. Hot, not boiling, at around 85°C. This is absolutely perfect for in-mug drinks (herbal tea, instant coffee, teabag tea, etc), and will save a not inconsiderable amount of energy from your normal day-to-day beverage making - not only because it doesn't heat the water all the way to boiling, but because you only heat the exact amount oyu need. Here, we did try to only boil what was needed, but it's impossible to get right, and there's always half a mug's worth left over. Five or six hot drinks made in a day (probably more), and those extra half-mugs add up to a heck of a lot of energy. Press and release the red button, and the QuickCup dispenses roughly 3/4 of a mug's worth of hot water. Press and hold and it'll keep pumping it out until you let go. The quantity of water released on a single press can, I'm told, be adjusted to requirements, but I can't be arsed.

Proper Tea aficionados will insist you need to use on-the-point-of-boiling water for a proper cuppa. This isn't true. I've tried it. There is no way I would have the QuickCup in my house if it didn't make a decent brew. Warm the pot, warm the mugs, and this machine will make a fine cup of teapot tea. Drop a filter into a mug, it'll make a good mug of loose tea too. I'm not a big coffee man, but I'm pretty sure that 85 is exactly the temperature you should be pouring onto fresh coffee too.

What you can't do with the Tefal QuickCup is make gravy, jelly, or anything else which requires actually boiling water. So we still have a kettle, but it's not plugged in and it doesn't get used much at all - and then exclusively for cooking-related stuff, not beverages. I'd imagine if making tea in a pot for more than four, one would need a proper kettle, but that's not too common round here. Two or three teas and a coffee is the usual max order.

My wishlist for Tefal QuickCup Version 2: Bigger reservoir of water, two sliding controls - output temperature in C, and amount of water dispensed in ml. Temperature should go up to at least 95°C. I don't mind waiting a few seconds more for hotter water if that's what it takes. 3 seconds from button to water is good, but I can live with 6. :)

Oh, and for anyone reading the reviews on amazon - mine doesn't leak, it dispenses water accurately into the container below it and yes, it makes noise. But then so did my kettle. This makes a different noise to a kettle (more like a coffee machine), but it's not very loud and it's certainly bearable. Pretty much every device in my kitchen makes noise, most of them more than the QuickCup, so nyar.

Should you buy one? Do you drink a lot of hot drinks and want to save some energy? (kettle use makes up something insane like 5% of all domestic 'leccy use) Answer is probably yes, but you'll probably need to keep your current kettle as well, for those time you just can't do without boiling water. I recommend this product, I like the things it does and I like the energy saving a great deal, but I also want them to make a slightly better version.
21st Dec 2007, 09:21   | tags:,,comments (27)

from Annie

(viewed 1374 times)
croc tail offcuts for Lemmy.
20th Dec 2007, 19:05   | tags:comments (5)

meat is here

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crocodile, wild boar, wildebeest, kangaroo, bison, kudu, ostrich, impala, venison and reindeer steaks.
20th Dec 2007, 12:44   | tags:,comments (19)

yes, Dean

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"Dean, do not leave these gates off their hinges, get a new lock, or find your keys"
19th Dec 2007, 01:07   comments (2)

supermarket near christmas

(viewed 2060 times)
makes me mad...
18th Dec 2007, 16:00   comments (18)


(viewed 1471 times)
Rich has bought a camera for his Playstation.

In real life, it's roughly seventeen times funnier to watch.
15th Dec 2007, 15:32   comments (5)

gimme shelter

(viewed 1328 times)
10th Dec 2007, 17:05   comments (0)