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testing the new kettle

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old kettle started leaking, so we bought one of these to replace it with. boiling too much water is probably one of our top three wastes of energy in the house, so this thingy seemed like a good idea.

water only comes out at around 80°C, which is a little cooler than recommended for black tea. here I have a temperature probe in the teapot, to see how it goes. a cuppa definitely comes out cooler, but it's much closer to the ideal drinking temperature.

next brew will be with the leaky kettle, to see if there's any noticeable improvement in tea quality. if there is, fancy kettle is probably going back and will be replaced by something more wasteful. saving the environment is all well and good, but proper tea is serious matter.
10th Dec 2007, 17:03   | tags:comments (6)

dead ringer

(viewed 2078 times)
Swedish blackbird, it seems. Have reported to relevant authorities.
5th Dec 2007, 15:03   | tags:comments (7)

the kind of skins you can see through..

(viewed 3635 times)
transparent rolling 'papers'. You can just see the one I've left on top of the packet. Made from mallow-derived cellulose.

Bought from here, yesterday at 16:00. Arrived this morning, somewhat less than 12 hours later.
1st Dec 2007, 13:35   comments (13)


(viewed 1332 times)
"Experimenting with Potions"
24th Nov 2007, 19:57   comments (8)

lemmy update

less of a puppy, more of a small dog.
23rd Nov 2007, 14:52   | tags:,,,comments (17)

duck consomme

(viewed 1862 times)
With whole cherry tomatoes, bamboo shoots, glass noodles and spring onions. Stock took almost 48 hours to make. See Heston Blumenthal's method* for ice clarification. Almost worked too. Except I didn't have a muslin bag, so had to use the less-fine "pair of tights" method, hence slight non-clearness.

* since removed from BBC website. Try a Famous Web Search Engine's Cached Version
23rd Nov 2007, 14:05   | tags:comments (1)

kitchen stuff

(viewed 1843 times)
Temperature probe, icing bag, ice tray.. what am I up to? (clue: not ice cubes shaped like hearts! I bought that tray 'cos it was the only one in silicone, not 'cos of the shape)

out of shot - gelatine, elder/apple cordial, sugar, butter, cream, chocolate.
21st Nov 2007, 15:31   | tags:comments (4)

the spice is right

(viewed 1886 times)
Chilli, black pepper, coriander, cumin, fivespice, salt, ginger. To be mixed with some flour and used to dredge to-be-roast potatoes. I'd rather use semolina as a bulking agent, but have run out.

Later, possibly tomorrow, photos of my ice-distilled duck consomme. If it works.
21st Nov 2007, 13:16   | tags:,comments (0)