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made a bit of a mess of this

(viewed 1446 times)
6th Sep 2007, 10:29   | tags:comments (19)

Fenix L2D Premium torch

(viewed 4542 times)
My new torch. Mini-Porsche for scale. Was sick of buying cheap torches and having them be rubbish, then break at just the wrong time, so researched a bit and found this.

Holy crap, it's bright. Like, "how the hell does one tiny surface mount LED kick out that much light" bright. Like, flatten 2xAA batteries in 2.5 hours bright (on max beam). I can light up trees over 100M away using this pocket-sized beast. 175 Lumens, if that means anything to anyone. specs etc here. Also, it's very pleasantly formed, and is nicely balanced to hold.

Many thanks to Rob at The Photon Shop for his help and superb customer service. If you want a Fenix torch (and you do, you really do), Rob's the man to talk to.

hell, welcome to

(viewed 1328 times)
yeah. should have thought a bit more about that, Castle Mall outfitters.
4th Sep 2007, 17:39   | tags:comments (3)

has it gone yet?

(viewed 1897 times)
Elvis awaits the dog leaving the back garden.
3rd Sep 2007, 17:45   | tags:comments (5)

Smell like I sound, I'm lost in the crowd

(viewed 1975 times)
and I'm hungry like the tiny dog
1st Sep 2007, 15:53   | tags:comments (15)

the platters that matter

(viewed 1297 times)
inside a big old hard drive. I need a powerful magnet, and this was the first place I thought of.

for the record, the big magnets in old hard drives are not powerful enough to un-tag security tags that shop muppets have left on your new coat.
31st Aug 2007, 14:26   comments (9)

temporary vision

(viewed 1748 times)
The specs vision express paid for after messing up my prescription last week. My old frames had developed a new, scary-looking crack that was growing daily, and were around 2mm of thin plastic away from breaking.

These aren't very comfortable, and the lenses are poor compared to what I'm used to, but at least they aren't about to fall apart, and they only cost twenty quid (I paid for AR coatings)
30th Aug 2007, 17:55   | tags:comments (17)

fun with movies, part 24

first four are the challenge, last one is a different film, for a bonus point. this is either far too hard, or far too easy. not sure which.
30th Aug 2007, 11:01   | tags:comments (14)