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vision "express"

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Three weeks ago, went to Vision Express to see about new specs, replace my about-to-break current ones before they do break. They have frames I like, but they insist on an eye test before letting me order some. Fine, I say, but I'm not paying for it - I know my eyes are stable, I can still see. We do a deal. Eye test is done gratis. New glasses are ordered, on a ten day lead-in time (not bad, as they have to be made at Oakley HQ, not the instore lab). Order sunglasses at same time, they should be a lot faster as they are made internally at Vision Express..

Two weeks later, I phone up - "hey, are my new glasses ready yet, it's been a while". The sunglasses are still not done, the Oakleys arrive ten minutes after I call. So I go to pick them up. And they're wrong. The prescription is not correct, not by quite some way. I was not advised my prescription had changed, in fact I was told the exact opposite - I had a brief chat with the optometrist about how it was nice my eyes were stable, so I could get them lasered next time.

Now I have to wait just over a week for another eye test, then another fortnight (at least) for my new frames (and goodness knows when they'll manage to make my sunglasses - probably by the time it's not sunny any more). All the while, my current frames are slowly fracturing and falling apart (rimless glasses tend to do that) - a ticking clock of blurry vision.

Am quite fucking annoyed, truth be told. If my current glasses break before the new ones arrive, I'm going down to Vision Express and not leaving until I have a new pair of glasses on my face, and I'm damn sure not paying for them either.
24th Aug 2007, 14:26   | tags:comments (72)


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proof copy of the newest Young Bond book. The whole series is excellent, and well worth a read. Higson has a great, lively writing style, and his touch with character creation/development is just as deft in prose as it is on TV.

IMO, Young Bond > Harry Potter. Way more exciting.
23rd Aug 2007, 13:16   | tags:comments (3)

new clothes yay!

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new jeans. now I have a pair of trousers without rips or paint or oil stains. can't see that lasting long, but there you go.

thank you howies sale, 'cos much as I'd love to, I really can't afford your full-price clothes...
22nd Aug 2007, 11:56   comments (9)

this one did an egg

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three yesterday, three today... and they are super-tasty too.

21st Aug 2007, 17:30   comments (9)

black and white/one tailed fox

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20th Aug 2007, 14:43   | tags:comments (13)

nasty fall

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20th Aug 2007, 14:39   comments (2)

the wrong hole

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20th Aug 2007, 14:29   | tags:comments (4)

This Is Electro

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17th Aug 2007, 11:42   | tags:,comments (0)