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there's no kill like overkill

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Why yes, that is a tiny 90mm Skywatcher Mak mounted on a mahoosive Meade LXD55 mount. The Skywatcher came on a little EQ1 mount which is fine for eye observations but is too wobbly for photography. I've had this LXD55 (and the 10" OTA which goes with it) for a while but hadn't thought to do this. Had to hack the mount a bit, but it's OK.

Now just have to get my head around how to set up and use an AutoStar mount..
3rd Sep 2012, 14:50   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 3868 times)
- Nikon D50 direct mount to telescope. Single exposure.

- Webcam, 100 frames stacked and processed.

- Nikon direct mount again, 2s single exposure.
3rd Sep 2012, 05:20   | tags:,,,comments (6)

blue moon

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look at the moon.
1st Sep 2012, 00:34   | tags:,,comments (1)

A book or a hard disk?

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Both! 500GB of portable hard disk hiding in a vintage book.

Pimping my newest project,

This disk and other lovely goodies available via:

See for latest news and updates.
28th Aug 2012, 16:26   | tags:comments (5)

home studio

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Where "studio" = "cardboard box, paper and a desk lamp"

Shooting product shots for upcoming project. Tethered shooting makes life a lot easier, but sadly my camera is a bit too old to let me do live views. Maybe if it goes well I'll be able to afford a less vintage Nikon..
23rd Aug 2012, 01:02   comments (3)


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my favourite way to read. the second shot gets the colour more right.
14th Aug 2012, 21:04   comments (4)

on a slate

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Been craving chicken mayo maki all day. So I made some.
27th Jul 2012, 19:41   | tags:,comments (0)

Woodworking level up!

(viewed 1160 times)
Why yes that is a sliver of purpleheart atop an even slimmer wedge of blackwood, sandwiched in what I think is white oak. Ballpoint pen tip for scale.

Unfinished as yet because the purpleheart has been worked so it needs 24 hours to go more purple. Will probably have a gentle clear lacquer, finished to satin or thereabouts.
11th Jul 2012, 16:36   | tags:comments (2)