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Network attached storage

(viewed 1586 times)
2TB Buffalo NAS rehomed inside a classic Sony tape deck. The NAS leds are wired to the VU meters, and are also visible as blue glints underneath the lovely fat switches. Tape deck is non-functional, but all the buttons and switches still clunk around pleasingly.
3rd Jul 2012, 22:47   | tags:,comments (3)

pull my wood

(viewed 2355 times)
Light pull what I made from padouk and African blackwood. I am covered in orange sawdust.
27th Jun 2012, 18:03   | tags:comments (14)

clever doggie

(viewed 1392 times)
So the vet said she shouldn't be allowed to jump too much until her stitches were out. I thought by placing this box full of bubblewrap on her chair would stop her jumping up onto it.

Which it did. Until today. When I came downstairs to find this.
25th Jun 2012, 18:29   | tags:comments (6)

wood identification challenge

(viewed 2798 times)
so I was passing my favourite sawmill on the way home today and I popped in to see what was in the hardwood offcuts bin. I picked up a nondescript dirty brown piece of plank for 50p, on the off chance it was something magical. I cut off a bit and quickly sanded/polished (hence some sawmarks still visible) it, and it did this.

It doesn't come off very well in the photo, but it's a really shiny coppery-gold colour, flecked with these dark marks, it's absolutely stunnning.

Anyone got any ideas what it might be?
19th Jun 2012, 16:51   | tags:,comments (11)

I brushed my dog

(viewed 2067 times)
It took an hour and a half and involved four brushes, two combs, leave-in shampoo, one pair of scissors, one tick tool (YUCK!), saline, cleaning wipes, a pair of rubber gloves, grooming spray and leave-in conditioner.

Henry for scale. I had to hoover the whole room and myself and there's still fur everywhere.

I do love a good groom. I'd say this was about an 80% complete 'do', I even trimmed his feets and everything.
13th Jun 2012, 14:03   | tags:comments (11)

there was some consternation..

(viewed 1197 times)
..about the possibly excessive tidiness of my shed. I hope these photos set your minds at rest. the workbench on the right is new, which is why it isn't covered in stuff.
10th Jun 2012, 20:36   | tags:comments (3)

I have tidied my shed

(viewed 1341 times)
you can tell, because there's a freshly sharpened pencil velcro'd above my workbench. seems like a good idea - the velcro also stops it rolling - wonder how long it will last.
9th Jun 2012, 15:29   | tags:comments (12)

tasty pi

(viewed 1474 times)
delicious pi. haven't broken it yet. working on it.
9th Jun 2012, 11:20   | tags:,comments (8)