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Gurn, baby, gurn!

16th Jun 2004, 15:48   comments (0)

Safari, so goody!

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Oops.. forgot to grab this from my phone after my trip to a safari park
on Sunday. Better late than never, eh?

More pics from the weekend here.
26th May 2004, 15:10   comments (0)


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4th May 2004, 00:59   comments (0)

Ikkle matsimpsk and pippy

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26th Apr 2004, 21:07   comments (9)


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15th Apr 2004, 22:30   comments (0)

Note the squarial

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Someone should slap a preservation order on that, quick
1st Apr 2004, 22:52   comments (0)

Rainy day

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23rd Mar 2004, 12:42   comments (0)

My fagbreak views

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Just found these on my phone. This is what I get to look at when I'm
having my fagbreaks at work. Hardly the most inspiring views ever, I
know, but at least it's better than looking at my trusted and valued

21st Mar 2004, 02:24   comments (2)