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Following these roads.

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it's weird, but we follow the paths that are being given to us. or at least most likely we do? Why? Is it because it's easy to infuluence us humans? Or is it just because that way we can show people that we care? I really wonder.. What do you think?

my silent goodbye

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So, my boyfiend and I kind of like broke up today. I'm going to give him a think-period i want him to get to know me. Maybe we'll fall in love maybe we will stay just friends. Ok, here's what I'm going to share with you guys today. Love is a mistery can't be forgotten so easily, you should never go out with somebody new, until you're sure your in love. Don't play silly games. Because you know it's action -> reaction. Don't get angry but try to understand an imagine what the other person is going through. Boy I have my pride so here I confess; you asked me if I loved you a 100 procent; maybe I do maybe I don't, this is the game we're trying to play; first solve the question, and look if u have reason, if there is non but just love. You should try and see if you care enough.

the thought of rainy days

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It's weird isn't I'm thinking about it, I'm noe travelling from Aalsmeer to Almere harbor, which feels akward, since eventhough it's in the netherland I've never been there before. I just rememberd or actually I just got rememberd my aunt passed away exactly one year ago. it also rained that day.. I realised, rain, it takes something away, it makes you want to cry, but it also always brings something new or something gets refreshed. The rain, it makes the world blurry, but after it has gone away, you seem to be able to see more clearly. Life is so similair to things happening in your daily life. I would say look around smile and see it for yourself. Don't forget every day bring something new. Also, tears are ok they're just like the rain. Anger is okay it' just like the thunder. Feeling down is ok, since the clouds up in the sky, the darkness is just like your feelings. As long as you do NOT forget. The sun will come and shine again, happy days will return :)
7th Oct 2009, 17:48   | tags:comments (0)

the blackberry says;

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Amsterdam - aalsmeer - hoofddorp, the blackberry calls it light rain, but wha is light about it? Everybody and everything is wet, no soaked. And it definetley feels grose! Today I'm having three tests and I'm very worried, though I have been studying like very hard, was it worth my time? I hope so, since I don't want to end up with a three. Geez, french, english and dutch. I expect english to be the easiest to be honest. It shouldn't be though, since dutch is my mother language xD. But I promise you guys even for dutch people dutch is hard. Hee this should be a half dilosofic blog! Omy, I bet I'm to tired to really think, I really hope I'll get high grades! Pfuii let's do my best today.. Yester day I've learned something new: if you don't smile at today, how can you be happy tomorrow. You should first be satisfied with today, before you can start a new the day after. Xx mattie
7th Oct 2009, 07:52   | tags:comments (2)
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