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A Purse With a Motto - Believe in Your Dreams

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16th Apr 2008, 11:26   comments (0)

It's been a while

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16th Apr 2008, 03:30   comments (0)

Place Dailly, Brussels

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At the age of 20 I spent one of my darkest month in this building. I was there for Oxfam and my job was to paint a huge, high room all black: It was designed to be used for some exhibition which regrettably I never could watch. The place was pure magic, a big area of other houses just like that one on the back, all ruined and overgrown wilderness. A huge area, as big as my home village.
In the olden days it as a caserne, you know Belgian Kongo and and when I was there it was Oxfam, the most peaceful bunch of people you can imagine. I spent many years in the internet looking for this place, and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the above pictures. I kind of feared that it was destroyed.

The rebuilding of this place goes back to the initiative of Mr. Jean-Pierre van Gorp who kindly allowed me to publish his pictures here. Mr. van Gorp is community councilor of Schaerbeek, Brussels. Thank you, Mr. Van Gorp.

You may wish to read Mr. Van Gorp's own blog on

15th Apr 2008, 23:55   comments (0)

Recreation II

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Free Coffee for happy labourers. It may not be healthy,but after all the basket ball pit will serve for a healthy way to recreation. The basket ball pit can be viewed under Article Recreation I.
14th Apr 2008, 23:40   comments (0)

Tolka Valley Park

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Makes you almost forget that you are in Blanch, fastest growing community of Europe. Fasted swallowing, yes, community?, mhm, ok camp would be the word.
Tolka Valley Park as we know it will soon be gone: as an attraction a sewage pipe will be added.
13th Apr 2008, 18:40   comments (0)

Tolka Valley Park

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