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Watch the podge

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See the path behind?
We go down, in that direction, and make a circuit of Chorlton Water Park, in Manchester.
Dug out of the ground, the hole was important in providing gravel for the new M63 in the 1970s. Big change to the way we got around, even if we later had to change the name to the M60, to make it easier for shoppers to get to the brand-new Trafford Centre, a mecca for seekers after labels. Ho hum.
But, why maybe it's the angle of the camera, but isn't that a protruding tummy I see spoiling the outline of the svelte figure in front of us?
Hey, Mike. Take it easy on the puddings.
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The BBC are coming

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See the gap?
It's right of the tower (above) and left of the windows (which calls itself the International Media Centre, but who knows what that means).
You'll be able to see a gap in the middle, but not for much longer. It's going to be filled up by the BBC. The Grand Old Lady is moving from her cramped quarters on Oxford Road in Manchester and is heading along the river to be near the fresh air, glitz and glamour of the Lowry Arts Centre in Salford.
Don't believe me?
Jet on over to YouTube and enter the name 'Mike Scantlebury'.
(He's my avatar, my alter ego, my nom de plum.)
Check out the videos and you'll see it's true.
Yes, the BBC is coming our way, and hey, they need a new building to work their magic in. Well, yes, right now it's a hole in the ground, but use your imagination - (it's what watching television is for) - and you'll soon be able to envision a multi-coloured office block rising from the wharfs that used to be Salford Docks.
Soon, it will be 'Media City'.

Lucky us.

This man asked for money

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Hey, he asked for money, right? You think I was going to refuse?
I'm sure this guy is very nice. He's very softly spoken, and is probably kind to animals. However, he wasn't very kind to me. He demanded I hand him over 85 pounds in cash. (Not much? It's more in dollars!)
I noticed that on the dashboard of his little van was a glossy magazine. It was called 'Boxing Today'. I quickly worked out that someone who read about boxing might actually take part in it too.
So I didn't argue.
Not this time.
29th May 2007, 11:32   comments (0)

You ain't going nowhere!

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Now this looks like a very nice vehicle, hailing from Europe but still perfectly at home in Britain, these days.
Of course, it can go quite quickly, along the autobahns of England, but not at the precise time you see it here. No, at that moment, it wasn't going anywhere. It had been clamped.
Perfectly normal for downtown Manchester.
They might give the impression they want you to come into their shops, peruse their goods and spend your money. Maybe. On the other hand, park outside the supermarket in the wrong bay and you get clamped. It only costs 85 pounds to get free.
Hmm, sell you some fruit, charge you to release your car, it's all good. All money in the bank.
Another successful day for business.
28th May 2007, 12:25   comments (0)

It's a very, very nice house - in the country

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This is me, outside my stately home.
Okay, it is me, but it's not my house.
Still, it's somebody's house, and it's a very, very nice house - in the country - as Blur might put it. I would put it much the same way, if I was singing, like that, in England.
Now, my house is somewhere nearby, in northern England. It's in the same street as Salford Lads Club, the place that sprang to fame when The Smiths stood outside it in 1987 for one of their album covers. People come from all over the world to stand on the same pavement slab as Morrisey.
Of course, it's all changed since his day. The pavement has been polished and cleaned many a time, and he didn't even leave his handprint in the concrete, like they do in Hollywood.
Maybe someday.

Every kitchen needs a fridge

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There's no place like home, but then, there's no place like the Blue Mountains of Tasmania either, which I've heard is quite nice.
It's important to know where you are, especially if you want a cup of tea. In that case, being in the kitchen is a good start.
After that, you can move into the lounge, settle on the sofa and read one of your favourite books, (which, knowing you, you may well have written yourself).