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Bronxelf twice

(viewed 1063 times)
For some reason, Bronxelf seems to be in most of the shots from last
night's meet.Two for the price of one - can you spot Bronxelf number 2?

Posted by eversion

9th Sep 2005, 21:22   comments (1)


(viewed 1057 times)
My effort

Posted by Euphro

9th Sep 2005, 14:31   comments (2)


(viewed 1273 times)
1) Is it just this photo, or are Bronxelf's eyes actually different colours?
2) Here, Elf can be seen in the middle of Crickett's #4 train tale.
3) Wandering off. Things might have been a little blurry.Great to meet everybody last night. We really should do this kind of
thing more often. (Which gives me an idea, which I shall go and post in the forum this afternoon)

Posted by teflon

9th Sep 2005, 14:13   comments (7)


(viewed 1123 times)
1) Euphro's got this same photo - we were trying to see who could get
the best one out of the same phone. Mine seems to be somewhat grainy,
for some reason - might try playing with it in iPhoto and see if I can
improve it a little
2) Rather nice location for a bar, really - note the Houses of Parliament in the background
3) Eyyyy

Posted by teflon

9th Sep 2005, 14:12   comments (1)


(viewed 1304 times)
1) Elf opening her present from Euphro, while Alfie towers above
2) Where to go next.. Rich reckons upwards, it seems.
3) Dhakama and Bronx on the boat

Posted by teflon

9th Sep 2005, 14:11   comments (2)


(viewed 1176 times)
1) Only a few minutes in, Seaneeboy whips out his cameraphone. Check out the crazed expression in his eyes.
2) We sent this to Steve to try to tempt him along, but it sadly didn't work.
3) After tracking their progress via Euphro's moblog, he eventually pturns up with Geodyne

Posted by teflon

9th Sep 2005, 14:10   comments (1)


(viewed 1021 times)

Posted by 540air

8th Sep 2005, 23:04   comments (0)


(viewed 1163 times)

Posted by teflon

8th Sep 2005, 23:00   comments (22)
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