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I am a mom.

Let's see....followed the Grateful Dead for 5 years, did almost that in jail for lsd...was in there when jerry died, that really sucked, but all thing are for a reason unknown to us...

I take pics with my sexy and oh so techy iPhone 3G and Kodak DX7950 and C875

I am starting my own business of crafty shit....

I snowboard, surf, skate on a longboard, kayak, go to concerts, movies, baseball games and more

I have a flickr acct too
I also have a blog at
and lots of other techy geekery (but I am so not a geek, just keep track of stuff is all and have fun playing with intergadetry)

I like to get out and do stuff....and i really like dots....(periods, but that just sounds weird coming from a girl)

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Giant balls...

(viewed 1741 times)
of yarn ya pervs!

The needles on the blue ball are a size 15 to give you an idea as to the yarn size. The Green ball is about 1 - 2 wraps per inch....nice and soft too, pure wool, but ever so soft...

Phil and Grant right as Peggy walks in

(viewed 2536 times)

Any Eastenders fans?

(viewed 3542 times)
When was this shot and what year?

I have been watching for years, but it has been sketchy at times since I have to rely on PBS and BBCA (though not for years) to be able to watch it.

Heck I remember when Tif was in High School...I thinkk I have been watching for 15 years on and off now....

But this I missed...

Anyway, the link is
And it is Grant and Phil dancing to Kung Fu Fighting and I cried from laughing so hard....

It is worth the view, but it does show naked butts at the very end!

Gah, not very pretty

(viewed 618 times)
The view I had was really nice, but again, this is another shot where I could not see it fromt he cam view since I was driving.
I random snapped it, and on the small view it is not so blurry!

Sorry about that...the clouds so so great and the sun had rays streaming through..
6th Jan 2006, 21:26   comments (1)

Storm is coming!

(viewed 647 times)
Weird, I took this before the black sun shot, but it came up after it in the posts...
anyway, this is what I drove through to find the sunset in the previous shot...
6th Jan 2006, 21:20   comments (0)

Random shot of the sun

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I took this of, what I thought, was a cool sunset. Though, to take it, I had to angle the cam up and away from my body in the winshield. I had no idea why or how the sun turned totally black, but I think it looks cool!
6th Jan 2006, 21:20   comments (2)

Apparently spying...

(viewed 613 times)
Is huge in my local coffee shop!
4th Jan 2006, 17:49   comments (6)

MK & A O redux

(viewed 605 times)
Mary kate & ashley meet bald star trek chick
3rd Jan 2006, 21:12   comments (0)