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I am a mom.

Let's see....followed the Grateful Dead for 5 years, did almost that in jail for lsd...was in there when jerry died, that really sucked, but all thing are for a reason unknown to us...

I take pics with my sexy and oh so techy iPhone 3G and Kodak DX7950 and C875

I am starting my own business of crafty shit....

I snowboard, surf, skate on a longboard, kayak, go to concerts, movies, baseball games and more

I have a flickr acct too
I also have a blog at
and lots of other techy geekery (but I am so not a geek, just keep track of stuff is all and have fun playing with intergadetry)

I like to get out and do stuff....and i really like dots....(periods, but that just sounds weird coming from a girl)

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Huge spider 4-5inches end to end

(viewed 465 times)
16th Aug 2005, 19:05   comments (0)

Good morning

(viewed 529 times)
These were waiting not so patiently for me to wake up. Only problem, I
have les then 4 hours of sleep which was continuely interrupted by bad
Must not sleep....cats will torment me.....
30th Jul 2005, 13:59   comments (0)

Updated and added to.....

(viewed 653 times)
Amazing what some local drunks can do with a razor, some tape, and a
copy of Cosmo......
26th Jul 2005, 23:31   comments (0)

Doctored pic in my fav bar of a reg customer

(viewed 534 times)
26th Jul 2005, 22:19   comments (0)

Craft store graffiti

(viewed 560 times)
15th Jul 2005, 19:47   comments (1)

Urine Gone

(viewed 897 times)
I know I have been slacking on posting lately, but I was in VT with no
service and instead of bringing the cam with me or the phone we jsut
went tech free!Anyway, here is an interesting product made right here in the good ole USA....get Urine out of everything...apparently...the commercial is gross and
stoners of the world, it was a sad day for blacklight usage (as they
used it to show how the urine goes away when sprayed)--
11th Jul 2005, 22:33   comments (3)

Thong liners

(viewed 596 times)
30th Jun 2005, 21:19   comments (0)

Man traced in the dirt

(viewed 531 times)
Someone worked really hard doing was very detailed in person
I guess it is dirt graffiti!
29th Jun 2005, 04:54   comments (0)