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I am a mom.

Let's see....followed the Grateful Dead for 5 years, did almost that in jail for lsd...was in there when jerry died, that really sucked, but all thing are for a reason unknown to us...

I take pics with my sexy and oh so techy iPhone 3G and Kodak DX7950 and C875

I am starting my own business of crafty shit....

I snowboard, surf, skate on a longboard, kayak, go to concerts, movies, baseball games and more

I have a flickr acct too
I also have a blog at
and lots of other techy geekery (but I am so not a geek, just keep track of stuff is all and have fun playing with intergadetry)

I like to get out and do stuff....and i really like dots....(periods, but that just sounds weird coming from a girl)

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new camera calls....

(viewed 587 times)
many pics taken of nothing to play with it and try it out!--
5th Feb 2007, 22:14   comments (0)

guns....the legal kind kids can own

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5th Feb 2007, 21:59   comments (1)

winter finally is here!

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5th Feb 2007, 21:55   comments (0)

rabid roy show nyc

(viewed 1435 times)
this was during a friends band's show in nyc at desmonds tavern

she was so sweet and had her fingers in her ears the whole time, just smiling away!!

rock it granny, rock it!!!
18th Jan 2007, 20:29   | tags:,,comments (0)

eye am back, with newly added scar

(viewed 1563 times)
after a long absence due to my husband being scum, I am back...I needed a break from all the crap going on and focus back on myself and low and behold, I am the old me, the me that was before him, the real me...YAY!!!

so anyway, I am back doing all the stuff i love and getting scarred doing, how awesome is that, seriously????
18th Jan 2007, 20:28   | tags:,comments (3)

what IS that white stuff falling from the sky?

(viewed 1376 times)
first time i have seen snow all winter...

I have been very saddened by the fact it has not snowed at all...

I would have at least a decent one by now, all the resorts are closed because it has been warm, no HOT so far with weather in the 60's within the last two weeks....

usually they can at least blow snow so we can enjoy that, but it has been too warm for that!

but this, well this little nugget n my window means it is coming, slowly but surely

I will be snowboarding soon!!!
18th Jan 2007, 20:26   | tags:,,comments (0)


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7th Sep 2006, 13:47   comments (3)

Kozika. Can you translate

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3rd Feb 2006, 01:14   comments (1)