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I am a mom.

Let's see....followed the Grateful Dead for 5 years, did almost that in jail for lsd...was in there when jerry died, that really sucked, but all thing are for a reason unknown to us...

I take pics with my sexy and oh so techy iPhone 3G and Kodak DX7950 and C875

I am starting my own business of crafty shit....

I snowboard, surf, skate on a longboard, kayak, go to concerts, movies, baseball games and more

I have a flickr acct too
I also have a blog at
and lots of other techy geekery (but I am so not a geek, just keep track of stuff is all and have fun playing with intergadetry)

I like to get out and do stuff....and i really like dots....(periods, but that just sounds weird coming from a girl)

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here is food

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it is a better picture of food...we did the math and figured out we had
bought food almost three years ago.That is a long time for a goldfish who was sold as a 10 cent feeder fish!The other one seems so depressed, just keeps swimming around loking for the
other one, when it used to just sit in their corner together playing nip the
oscar!so sad, it was a really pretty fish for a goldfish...

wish I could tur it right way...
29th Jan 2006, 04:41   comments (8)

Goodbye food

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We bought this fish about two years ago, back then he was just about 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch high...

our HUGE oscar decided he no longer wanted to eat live fish, so he and another goldfish grew and grew. He just died.
I noticed yesterday he was having some trouble staying upright. This happened once before, so I took him form the big tank and put him in this deep bin with food and stuff (that is why the water color turned strange color). It worked last time about 6 mths ago, but he just died.

He is about 8 inches nose to tip of tail and fairly thick.
I feel so bad, oscar liked to chase him and the other goldfish who has lived with him the whole time is now alone.

I wish I could capture his color better as he grew to be a very pretty fish and we were told we could have sold him for a lot since he was so large, but we never had the heart to let food go (we call them food since that is what they both were).....
29th Jan 2006, 00:19   comments (2)

And she is

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she is either sucking her thumb, or holding her nose....

just weird
26th Jan 2006, 05:05   comments (1)


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Apparently in Korea, dressing a little girl in YELLOW and naming her Tinkle does not mean the gross things it does here...

And yeah I bought TWo of these lil handy notebooks...just wish I could get the shot in the other way!


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25th Jan 2006, 05:45   comments (1)


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25th Jan 2006, 01:57   comments (0)

Spied goode!

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24th Jan 2006, 00:17   | tags:,,,comments (3)