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Life on the River Cam - at no more than four miles per hour!

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Seals, Ice and Videotape - an Antarctic vlog

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Rothera from above

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28th Sep 2006, 23:51   comments (1)

High cloud over Reptile Ridge

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28th Sep 2006, 23:51   comments (1)


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3rd Sep 2006, 20:04   comments (0)

Leonie Island by dawn's early light

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Leonie is the triangular face to the right of the big iceberg. You can see a snow-filled gully on it, just left of centre - we climbed up there to the top last week.
3rd Sep 2006, 20:04   comments (3)

Antarctic barbecue

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Sunday was a warm bright day (-6) and with lovely weather we had a
barbecue, the third at Rothera this year.
28th Aug 2006, 16:11   comments (8)

Baked Antarctica

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Or more precisely, Baked Alaska in Antarctica. A great dessert,
consisting of sponge cake, ice-cream and meringue. The meringue topping
insulates the ice-cream so that it doesn't melt in the 250 C oven!
20th Aug 2006, 20:44   comments (7)

Agnieszka, Mark and Jamie, with facial icing

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At low temperatures (sub -20) your breath freezes on your clothing
around your face and freezes your beard (if you have one) to your
balaclava, which is very uncomfy. It doesn't affect me too badly - I'm
a life-long spec-wearer, so controlling my breathing so I don't fog my
specs is second nature.
19th Aug 2006, 22:34   comments (9)

Minus 30 celcius...

(viewed 813 times) was today, briefly, although it was around -25 all day. Four of us
skied to Lagoon Island, which is about 6km from Rothera.
19th Aug 2006, 22:34   comments (2)