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Life on the River Cam - at no more than four miles per hour!

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(viewed 923 times)
5th Aug 2006, 23:19   comments (5)

Now that's what I call a big iceberg

(viewed 855 times)
and it has five arches in it. Wow!
5th Aug 2006, 23:19   comments (1)

The sun is back

(viewed 1209 times)
Last weekend we saw the sun again after about 7 weeks without it. It's
funny how you get used to grey twilight as daylight until you have the
Real McCoy!
This is Dickie, silhouetted against the sun on Rothera Point
5th Aug 2006, 23:19   comments (10)

Big icicles

(viewed 1515 times)
on the outside of Fuchs House. Some of them also have rime-ice forming
on them.
5th Aug 2006, 23:09   comments (8)


(viewed 810 times)
A photo of Dickie taking a photo of Tom taking a photo of the sea-ice...--
5th Aug 2006, 23:09   comments (6)

Darning your socks...

(viewed 864 times) necessary when you can't buy a new pair. The top sock has gone
threadbare - the bottom one has been repaired.
The lightbulb's needed to stretch the sock into shape while you darn.
5th Aug 2006, 23:09   comments (0)

Nacreous clouds

(viewed 956 times)
These are very high clouds which reflect the sun and appear bright white
with an iridescent tinge - they're really beautiful. And you can see a
time-lapse video of them on my
href="">personal site
27th Jun 2006, 02:04   comments (8)

Pink light

(viewed 1007 times)
With the sun close to or below the horizon, we get really interesting
pink light.
27th Jun 2006, 01:39   comments (15)