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Time to leave

(viewed 826 times)
A last walk in the new soft snow, a snowball fight, and then the RRS
Ernest Shackleton comes to take us to the Falkland Islands.
17th May 2007, 17:23   comments (0)

The beginning of the end

(viewed 678 times)
The planes went home in the first week of March. This is the Dash-7
doing its final flyby (negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full...)
17th May 2007, 17:19   comments (3)

I went down a crevasse (safely)

(viewed 2327 times)
Crevasses are cool and dangerous. Dangerous if you fall into one (they
get covered in thin bridges of snow) but cool if you abseil into one
deliberately and crawl around inside. It's like exploring limestone
caves made of ice.
17th May 2007, 17:19   comments (20)

The cruise ship Bremen came to vist

(viewed 1169 times)
and brought us lots of jolly German-speaking tourists.
17th May 2007, 16:09   comments (0)

Cool icebergs

(viewed 794 times)
Boat trips are always good fun, especially when there are weird-shaped
icebergs to look at.
17th May 2007, 16:06   comments (1)

Smelly Elly

(viewed 985 times)
This elephant seal lived outside the main building for about three
weeks, making a mess and a foul smell!
17th May 2007, 16:04   comments (2)

Chinstrap penguins

(viewed 637 times)
These guys showed up randomly one morning. They're very small and cute,
and rather further south than they should be.
17th May 2007, 16:01   comments (1)

Pine Island Glacier

(viewed 729 times)
Between Christmas and New Year a group of us went to dig up a depot on
Pine Island Glacier, which is about as far away from Rothera as we
usually go. Here we are pulling the last drum out - there were100 of
them buried in two metres of snow)
17th May 2007, 16:00   comments (1)