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Life on the River Cam - at no more than four miles per hour!

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Clearing the snow

(viewed 622 times)
We cleared the snow with diggers and bulldozers (and shovels!) so that
we can drive wheeled vehicles around the base again.
17th May 2007, 15:55   comments (0)

Flying over the James Clark Ross

(viewed 687 times)
I went for a copilot flight to Fossil Bluff. When I came back, the ship
had arrived bringing all the new supplies.!
17th May 2007, 15:55   comments (2)

What I did in the Antarctic summer

(viewed 1403 times)
I haven't had time to update this blog for a while, so here are a few
highlights of my final summer at Rothera.
The first ship to visit us after the winter was the Lawrence M Gould,
bringing the Antarctic Treaty Inspectors - we passed!
17th May 2007, 15:47   comments (7)

Garlic and chilli preserved in oil

(viewed 1227 times)
The cloves/pods were kept in oil, and then eventually minced up to form
a tasty paste that can be added to recipes. The garlic that isn't
preserved in oil has gone all dry and wizened.
8th Oct 2006, 21:49   comments (4)

Dried food

(viewed 1211 times) an increasing part of our diet at this time of the year. Here are
dried onions, beans, and carrots. The onions and beans work pretty well,
the carrots are only suitable for bulking out stews and soups.
8th Oct 2006, 21:42   comments (7)


(viewed 890 times)
is powdered milk made by Nestle. It's surprisingly good when made up at
the right strength.
8th Oct 2006, 21:42   comments (0)

The Last Onion

(viewed 988 times)
As requested, here is a picture of the base's last onion, saved from the
pot and growing moderately happily in a glass of water.
8th Oct 2006, 21:38   comments (5)

Helen wanted to build an igloo...

(viewed 1388 times)
..and lots of people helped!
28th Sep 2006, 23:51   comments (10)