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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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"You are being videotaped"

(viewed 415 times)
For my protection? From drive-offs?
29th Jan 2006, 20:48   comments (0)

The Dynamic Duo

(viewed 438 times)
Five days ago.
26th Jan 2006, 02:41   comments (3)

Stealing gas could cost you your license.

(viewed 569 times)
A week ago.
26th Jan 2006, 02:38   comments (0)


(viewed 374 times)
Six days back
26th Jan 2006, 02:31   comments (0)


(viewed 595 times)
Little Man doesn't seem to mind.
19th Jan 2006, 20:43   comments (2)


(viewed 406 times)
Shopping at Wegmans .... again.
16th Jan 2006, 21:32   comments (0)

In a doctor's waiting room

(viewed 692 times)
on MLK Day.
16th Jan 2006, 19:57   comments (0)

Two days ago

(viewed 397 times)
12th Jan 2006, 20:53   comments (0)