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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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A bowl of Strecciatella

(viewed 432 times)
Bellicimo, or something like that.
23rd May 2005, 21:03   comments (0)

Soup glorious soup

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Back at the Star Wars-playing lounge's restaurant. I went for soup, and wasn't left down: the Greek Vegetable was delicious and the Cream Turkey & Rice was much better than expected. And yes, this place really does have lottery cards on all the tables. See? It's not Vegas, but there's a certain charm to eating a Chef salad and a big slice of rasberry cheesecake while listening to oldies and gambling in a roomful of senior citizens and a handful of anti-cool hipsters.
23rd May 2005, 04:45   comments (0)

So bye bye, Miss American Cake [also: blue-dyed lamb]

(viewed 560 times)
For five dollars, you can show your US patriotism by
consuming half of a swirly red/white/blue bundt cake.
Don't burn the flag cake in protest, don't desecrate
the flag cake by allowing shit from other food you've
eaten to mingle with the flag-cake shit, and for god's
sake, never let the flag-cake shit touch the ground
unless you're prepared to burn it right then and
there. If not, the terrorists win, etc.

Little Man's allergist has put him on a strict,
all-lamb diet; he has eat nothing but baked ground
lamb. This joint was almost out of the ground patties,
so the meat-counter flunky suggested I try this
massive slab of lamb instead. I asked what the blue
blotches on the side were, and he said it was, "uh,
dye or something. It's definitely edible." Even if it
was on my cat's food list, it would have taken months
for him to eat it all.
22nd May 2005, 20:00   comments (0)

Fast ants and heat shadows

Well, they look like ants of some sort. Very zippy, though.
22nd May 2005, 19:00   comments (0)

A cup of Beef "Orzu" at the cinderblock diner

(viewed 581 times)
Looks and tastes just like the soup I had yesterday. Doesn't have the place's sign reflected on its surface, though.
19th May 2005, 17:35   comments (0)

Beef-tip and noodle at the cement greasy spoon

(viewed 527 times)
Not too bad, actually. Would've been nice if the old lady had given me a menu to order something else to eat with it.
18th May 2005, 18:17   comments (0)

Little Man is the next Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

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Watching him gallop toward me yesterday, I noticed Little Man's feet are tiny. Even for him! And he runs like a four-legged Doug! Pad pad padpadpad.These napping/grooming shots are unrelated to do his little feet, but I needed to share.
17th May 2005, 17:13   comments (1)

Wow, a smoking stick.

(viewed 438 times)
I shot these blind, but kept them for the neato day-for-night effect they seem to have.
15th May 2005, 02:10   comments (0)