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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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Disturbing products of the week: Epilogue

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Gander also had a big sale on gun vaults -- they were so excited that they didn't bother moving some stuff out of the way of their bigass sale banner. It's nice to get a sweet deal on a vault, and pick up dog-shaped cozies for your brewskis in both can and long-neck sizes. They also have dog-head trailer-hitch covers for yer pickup truck!!! Speakin' of dogs and vehicles, pooches everywhere leak fluid like an old Eldorado that's bottomed out one time too many for the delicious taste of Cadillac Dog Food. Mmmmm hmmmm!
7th Feb 2005, 02:20   comments (0)

Disturbing products, Part II

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Taken while visiting a Gander Mountain store with an outdoors-enthusiast friend. Even after reading the entire package, I'm still unclear what Ball Babies are. All I know for sure is that the Gulp people are kinda cocky.
6th Feb 2005, 14:51   comments (0)

Disturbing products I have seen this week, Part One

(viewed 623 times)
The first photo is of some packaging from our ballbearing-making pals at Fischer-Aktien Gesellschaft.

Good grief, even the Krispy Kreme people don't want people eating their terrible doughnuts.
5th Feb 2005, 15:42   comments (0)

wow, more plants

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Found while cleaning out the phone; a pretty cactus and some neato
curled bamboo.
4th Feb 2005, 16:43   comments (0)

The Golden Zeus

(viewed 426 times)
He glows! Somewhat!
2nd Feb 2005, 16:16   comments (0)

"who knows what muderous thoughts lurk in these cats' minds"

(viewed 422 times)
Look this cat in the eyes; can you sense the misandrist hatred this
rotten animal radiates in person?

The bottom photo is of Zeus, who's not evil, but seeing his head pop
up over the table reminded me of the moment in Luis Bu?uel's LAND
WITHOUT BREAD when the Oliver Hardy-looking cretin pops his head up
over a mountain's edge. Chilling.
1st Feb 2005, 15:11   comments (0)

distorting light

(viewed 445 times)
Ooo, pretty.
30th Jan 2005, 20:48   comments (0)

Candidates for Little Man's new headshot

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Little Man's growed up so big that his last 8x12 glossy don't look like him no more. He, his business manager, publicist, agent and I all agree that Little Man shouldn't waste time going to auditions until he gets a recent, more representative headshot for casting people.
30th Jan 2005, 02:08   comments (0)