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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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oh ... pretty fish ...

(viewed 1051 times)
How soothing.

Three more shots from the garden.
28th Jan 2005, 04:28   comments (0)

All Snowys Go To Heaven

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I'd assume only overzealous Tintin enthusiasts would shell out $70 US
for this cheesy little ceramic angel-terrier that looks a lot like
Snowy/Milo/Milou/that dog's 44 other names.

Taken while loitering in a local botanical garden's gift shop.
27th Jan 2005, 18:30   comments (0)

Annoying the cats in winter light

(viewed 430 times)
Smokey sticks his tongue out, Little Man is non-plussed.
26th Jan 2005, 18:40   comments (0)

Stupid, stupid things I have seen

(viewed 898 times)
The first is, well, an ice-cream flavor I found grocery shopping. It's
stupid on multiple levels; the one that jumped out at me first is the
"Sinphony" part. I don't know how smart the average ice-cream buyer
is, but I would assume anyone seeing the words SIN PHONY on a piece of
food would give anyone pause. Of course, there's the core idiocy of
attempting to cash in on the Verve [or was it the Verve Pipe? ah, who
cares] and their almost-decade-old one-hit "Bittersweet Symphony" to
sell a half-gallon of ice cream. [Didja see the staves of music all
over the package folks??? Pretty hip, huh!?! Perry's; the ice-cream
eaten at the cool kids' table at lunch!!!"] And does anyone really eat
coffee ice-cream, other than on a dare or a bet? Adding bittersweet
chocolate just makes it nastier. Why not cook up a bubblegum ice
cream/butterscotch syrup/almond flavor, put three boys on the package
and call it "Mmm pop"?

The second shot is of a sign in a restaurant restroom. Someone
actually made that sign, someone at the restaurant saw and actually
paid money for that sign and someone at the restaurant put that sign
up in the men's room. The bizarre thing is that the actual restaurant
was quite nice, almost classy -- certainly not the place you'd expect
to see decorations that look like castoffs from some lunkhead sports
26th Jan 2005, 03:21   comments (1)

Starches from other worlds

(viewed 577 times)
Judging from these photos, I would assume these aliens' barren
homeworld's throne city [above] is guarded by fearsome giant
snail-like creatures [below].
24th Jan 2005, 18:13   comments (1)

Little Man gets some tough love

(viewed 572 times)
His grooming mania has been flaring up lately, so this morning I sat
him down and told him that if he doesn't stop, I'll have to sell him
to the gypsy furriers who ride the phantom locomotive that blasts by
the house late at night and freaks him out, and those gypsies would
just shave him bald and throw him into a snow bank and he'll be a
catsicle until April.

I don't think it did much good -- he knows about the ghost train, but
gypsies, furriers, selling, shaving, bald, snow, anything-sickles and
April are all beyond his ken -- but I think he got my meaning, at
least until something shiny and fast-moving grabbed all of his
23rd Jan 2005, 17:22   comments (0)

The Merchandise Reach Pole

(viewed 575 times)
Is the Merchandise Reach Pole really so dangerous that you need a sales associate's assistance? And what do they mean by "assistance"? Will the associate spot you while you're lifting and lowering three sport jackets out of the rafters? The pole's six feet long, but it only weighs about three pounds; only Grandma would need help using it. And how convenient is this pole if you have to wander through a department looking for a clerk before you use it?

The second photo is of a modular display next to the cash registers. The assembly instruction sheet was still taped to the front when I revisited the store a few days later.
22nd Jan 2005, 13:45   comments (0)

Sleeping Cat Zen

(viewed 1786 times)
I just noticed that Little Man and Smokey sleep together in a ying-yang pattern.
20th Jan 2005, 13:34   comments (3)