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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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Zeus is ready for his close-up

(viewed 610 times)
No amount of chin-itching can ever be enough.
19th Jan 2005, 02:47   comments (1)

Vampire Cat

(viewed 687 times)
Smokey leaning out of a cat bed at the sound of a Whiskas
packet being dropped.
19th Jan 2005, 02:45   comments (1)

What Women Want

(viewed 1005 times)
Random, translucent panels from Floyd Gottfredson's MICKEY MOUSE comic
strip on their vinyl purses, apparently.

I went shopping with my sister the other day, and we found a big
standalone display of Mickey bags -- from wallets to big purses.I can
certainly understand a handbag company wanting to cash in on Mickey
merch, but why use material from an ancient newspaper comic that's
almost never been reprinted in our lifetimes?
18th Jan 2005, 15:39   comments (2)

The Monster Cookies

(viewed 627 times)
What sort of deranged Greek restaurantuer would offer such a disturbing dessert?
18th Jan 2005, 00:38   comments (0)

A photo of god, almost

(viewed 549 times)
Just as four out of five Little Man photos are of the top or back of
his head instead of the ludicrously cute look he gave the lens the
fraction of a second before, only every fifth picture I take of Gawd
comes out. This is not a fifth picture: A moment after this shot was
taken, Gawd's thumb came down out of those sunny clouds and smushed
the grimy factory in the distance. It looked and sounded just like a
Terry Gilliam cartoon.
16th Jan 2005, 17:37   comments (0)

Winter tracks

(viewed 585 times)
I like diagonals and one-point perspective.
15th Jan 2005, 17:37   comments (1)

Ooooooo, moody frozen nature shots

(viewed 674 times)
Two blocks down the road from this month's crash pad is on is a "dead end" that goes up over a hill and connects to a main road. It crosses what used to be a railroad crossing -- I would guess there was one car-train collision too many or somesuch -- but I like the sight gag of a Dead End that clearly continues on. Not that you can see in the last shot that the diamond-shaped sign on the right is a Dead End one, since my camera tends to go haywire when I'm outside. It behaved a little better with the overgrown, snowy brush in the other photos.
15th Jan 2005, 04:20   comments (0)

Little Man's trip: Epilogue

(viewed 452 times)
Out of the carrier for the day, and twitch-walking like Charlie Chaplin because of the bandage on his back leg.
13th Jan 2005, 22:04   comments (0)