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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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I'm pretty sure this is how zombies are made.

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While I was on the road, it seemed that every small-town cemetery I saw was resting in the shadow of some sort of factory or other pollution/hazmat source. Especially so in upstate New York, where I came across a military dumping ground -- you know, the kind that has super-tight security and dozens of water pools containing barrels and barrels and barrels of god-knows-what? -- across the street from a huge cemetery/zombie nursery. This photo isn't from that site, since I didn't want to hang around there long enough to get sterilized, cancer or my brains eaten. I do wonder what's in that massive tank on the left, though.
11th Jan 2005, 23:00   comments (0)

More weird cat pictures

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This is my sister's cat, Zeus. I think he enjoys getting his picture taken.
11th Jan 2005, 04:04   comments (0)

Shopping for Bonsai

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Cacti photographed while browsing at a semi-local garden.
9th Jan 2005, 16:54   comments (2)

Little Man, way back then and 9:30 this morning

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I have to teach this cat how to blow his nose or something; his
snoring sounds like a moped idling in an adjacent room. "LMmellow" is
either the first or second digital photo I took of Little Man, and
"LMsnoring" was taken after he and his respiratory system woke me up
this morning.
9th Jan 2005, 01:37   comments (0)

Shooting light

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My camera produces interesting distortions when I take pictures of
electric lamps and bulbs.Hope I didn't damage it taking these.
7th Jan 2005, 03:10   comments (1)

buzzkilling Little Man's obsessive cleaning

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Little Man has developed an obsessive habit of cleaning himself,
sometimes going until he's bloody and bald in patches. I decided to
try diverting his attention from licking/scratching to photography
rather than coat him in anti-licking goop or put him in an Elizabethan
collar. Pictures are more fun.

Top to bottom: Interrupted on the floor, on the couch and on the kitchen counter.
5th Jan 2005, 19:54   comments (4)

My half-assed tribute to Akira Kurosawa and Kazuo Miyagawa

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Today's forecasted major snowstorm turned out to be a fogbound,
drizzly day, thanks to a freakish "heat wave" that none of the local
weathermen seem able to explain. Not that I'm complaining.

Two shots, taken while walking through the woods.
4th Jan 2005, 06:14   comments (2)

the sad state of racial equality in our supermarket discount sections

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I went to a Wegmans supermarket a few days ago, where I found the
saddest Xmas knickknack I've ever seen: Black Santa Claus and his
donkey have been remaindered. Their Honky Santa stuff wasn't nearly as
discounted, the bastards. [Except for the life-sized hard-rubber Santa
figure they marked down from $700 to $300, but they wouldn't tell me
if St. Nick was anatomically correct [especially the, uh, "ass parts"]
or not. If I'm laying down four bills for something, I want to know
how much bang I'll get for my buck.] Anyway, if it was a Kwanzaa
doll, I'd understand why they would cut their loses and move the units
fast, but this is BLACK SANTA we're talking about!

Then, to rub our noses in it, I discovered this custom cake design in
the store's bakery. I would've been outraged, except saying "Bouncin'
Babies Black" is fun to say with a mouthful of oven-fresh gingerbread
samples. Try it and see. Mmmm, gingerbread.
3rd Jan 2005, 03:05   comments (2)