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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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Xmas eve

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These photos suck; I had forgotten that there are no lamps in my girlfrien's bedroom. Xmas eve, I lied my ass off, palmed my gf's keys, snuck out out of the family gathering, broke into the gf's apartment and placed her painting on the nightstand (which you can kinda see in the first shot) and the bass on my side of the bed. I didn't sleep over there that night, but made sure the bed wasn't quite so empty. Somehow, we managed this entire affair -- which required the help and contact with almost a dozen of J's friends -- without anyone spilling the beans (thank you thank you thank you!!!). Best Xmas Ever, even if it left me so exhausted that I wound up with acute bronchitis.

(By the way, the Lowell trip totals: 643 miles in 13.5 hours.)
28th Dec 2007, 16:16   comments (0)

On the road from Lowell

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The bass was packed up and I hit the road at 2:15pm. After a stop for toilet/gas stop in Lee, MA, I was on the way home ... With a side trip to a friend's sister's house to pick up on another of my gf's beloved but "lost" possessions -- a self-portrait she had painted -- and a swing by Wegmans, becuase I hadn't been out long enough. I stashed the bass and painting at my sister's place and ending my journey a little after 8pm. Whee! Good thing the next few days were Xmas Eve, Xmas and Boxing Day, and those days are never long and trying.
28th Dec 2007, 16:00   comments (0)

Lunch at Hong & Kong

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Good friends, good convo, a curious bowl of chicken and rice soup (it almost tasted like a beef broth, not chicken) and a delicious plate of Hunan chicken with jasmine rice. Nothing like Chinese in a real town to remind one that the joints back home serve stir-fried Soylent Green.
28th Dec 2007, 15:46   comments (0)

At Lowell

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I turned the engine off at 11:50 -- I was a little late because I missed the house's driveway the first time and the streets in New England cities are as narrow and congested as they are unplowed with last week's Noreaster snow. 319 miles, five hours 20 minutes, one set of interestingly iced steps and a cat later, I'm there.
28th Dec 2007, 15:27   comments (0)

On the road to Lowell 2

Stopping for a toilet break and (overpriced) gas in Canaan, NY -- "Last appalling restroom before Massachusetts."
28th Dec 2007, 15:18   comments (0)

On the road to Lowell Mass.

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For Christmas, I decided to try finding and returning my girlfriend's beloved bass to her. Actually I was going to deliever it back to her weeks before, for her birthday, but the nastinest of illness, work schedules and weather pushed it further and further ahead. I hit the road Sunday at 6:30am and encountered this spiffy pair of bridges, um, somewhere upstate.
28th Dec 2007, 15:05   comments (0)


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I like these specialty knives, much more than the color-coded (green for veggies, pink for meat) ones. Last ones for the 22nd; I attempted to get some rest for the next day ...
28th Dec 2007, 14:35   comments (1)

Warped fork, cake and girlfriend parts

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From Joy's bidet party, also on the 22nd. It was a very long day.
28th Dec 2007, 14:31   comments (0)