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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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Chicken platter with spicy black beans

(viewed 322 times)
and a side of negative space.
27th Dec 2006, 23:44   comments (0)

So-cal tortilla soup

(viewed 386 times)
At the California Grill.
27th Dec 2006, 23:32   comments (0)

Better then than us

(viewed 364 times)
One fucked-up wreck found in a semi-empty industrial park.
25th Dec 2006, 03:36   comments (0)

Phone-cleaning in checkout

(viewed 419 times)
This is from my most recent library trip. The sign on the drop box made me laugh -- are people who were hit hard in the flood really fishing their library books out of the muck and plunking them into the drops?
22nd Dec 2006, 05:48   comments (0)

Dino ice cream cake

(viewed 419 times)
Good grief, we finally made it to the last row. Now, there's only the frozen section keeping us from checkout.
22nd Dec 2006, 05:41   comments (0)

Midnight madness

(viewed 435 times)
Buying xmas groceries at Wegmans
22nd Dec 2006, 04:40   comments (0)

I've seen it all, part 36

(viewed 398 times)
At checkout line 15 at Wegmans.On a related note: Who buys the playing cards from the impulse-buy rack, anyway? I've never seen anyone buy them, not have many of the cashiers I've asked.
14th Dec 2006, 18:01   comments (0)

At the deli

(viewed 359 times)
Hot donuts and looking at the rye bread.
11th Dec 2006, 15:58   comments (0)