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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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He thought I was bluffing

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When I told him if he didn't stop licking his junk -- we're a) in public, and b) only a half hour from home -- I would post these embarrassing shots. I do not bluff, Little Man.
29th Aug 2006, 20:36   comments (0)

On break from the love-in

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Little Man's doing his best to clean his cornhole (his bandage isn't cooperating) while I rehydrate and moblog. Sent from a pet-store parking lot.
29th Aug 2006, 20:29   comments (0)

Little Man, accessorized

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He's peeing without noticable discomfort, he's back in proportion for the first time in a while and he got a juglar and arm bandage that matched his eyes. Thank you Michaela and Dr. Cameron.
29th Aug 2006, 19:12   comments (1)

This is not my beautiful cat

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It's Tilly, back at Cornell for a checkup. Little Man has had a catheter and an enema, and is doing well enough to go home today, with painkillers and a muscle-relaxant for his urethra. Yay
29th Aug 2006, 16:57   comments (1)

Wooo, more water in the basement

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It rained all last night and this morning, and we're under another flash-flood warning. It seems that there's a hole in the corner wall where it's seeping in. Fuckity fuck fuckfuck.
29th Aug 2006, 16:56   comments (0)

Jesus (used to Save)

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In the brief period of service, before we leave Whitney Point: The neon blur says JESUS, honest.
28th Aug 2006, 08:31   comments (0)

Little Man is safe and sound

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He's stable, in far better shape than what most cats with his kind of urinary blockage are in, and set to be operated on shortly to reopen his pissway. The vets are very confident, we're just confident and, almost exactly on hour after we arrived, we're going home. They're keeping him for at least 48 hours to monitor his bladder, since some of the mucus and debris blocking him now may return and plug him again. I did manage to sit down for about half of the vets' talk. Huzzah.
28th Aug 2006, 08:28   comments (1)

Trying to distract myself in the Cornell vet-school waiting room at two in the morning

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Little Man was acting strangely -- very hyper and vocal -- when I noticed his belly was really swollen. A casual call to the night desk, followed by two rapidly escalating return calls later, we were in the car and flooring it to Ithaca. As I'm typing this, Little Man has been in the ER about 25 minutes, getting stablized, and I still can't sit down. Whee.
28th Aug 2006, 07:18   comments (0)