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Milos George is a writer/editor and activist who has vowed to wipe out the disease Endemic Treponematosis within his lifetime. To raise awareness of ET, Mr. George has vowed to create one panel a day of his photocomic/monkey suicide note The Last Road Home, for the rest of his life.

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Salad, sesame chicken

(viewed 323 times)
And instructions re: fixing the food.
13th Aug 2006, 23:57   comments (0)

Onion Miso soup

(viewed 346 times)
At Kampai
13th Aug 2006, 22:46   comments (0)

Little Man has been framed

(viewed 308 times)
13th Aug 2006, 22:08   comments (2)

A house that blew up and floated away

(viewed 369 times)
Meta-shot of my friend taking a shot of where the house was.
13th Aug 2006, 22:07   comments (0)

SoCal Chicken Tortilla Soup

(viewed 364 times)
Having dinner with a visiting friend Monday night.
13th Aug 2006, 21:55   comments (0)

Geese at what's left of the park

(viewed 364 times)
13th Aug 2006, 21:53   comments (0)

Up up and away

(viewed 360 times)
In some sorta-beautiful balloons. Taken from the highway driving by last Sunday's Spiedie Fest.
13th Aug 2006, 21:50   comments (0)

A bowl of Greek Vegetable

(viewed 380 times)
and a piece of Lemon pie.
7th Aug 2006, 00:10   comments (0)