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grammatical errors caught on camera.

suggested by Chopin

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posted by lefthanded04

26th Feb 2005, 13:50   comments (0)

Quite flattering, actually.

(viewed 1598 times)
25th Feb 2005, 04:44   comments (0)

Those bricks looks fake!!!

(viewed 2173 times)
What the hell are they?! It looks like a hologram! I'm confused!

This pic was taken in October 2004 at Paddington Station on the Hammersmith
and City Line Eastbound Platform.

posted by Kayze

23rd Feb 2005, 04:07   comments (16)

A who now with the how much?!

(viewed 1375 times)
posted by Rich
21st Jan 2005, 01:19   comments (1)


(viewed 1876 times)
You gotta laugh when the competition screw up so badly.. Front page as well!

posted by caffeine

12th Jan 2005, 18:41   comments (3)

In hot water

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Notice on our hot water in work. Hands up if you think "visual damage" should be "visible damage".

posted by lefthanded04

22nd Sep 2004, 11:55   comments (1)

My digital radio can't punctuate!

(viewed 1772 times)

posted by teflon

20th Sep 2004, 03:54   comments (1)

Own Goal

(viewed 1586 times)
Say it ain't so?

posted by caffeine

16th Sep 2004, 00:42   comments (3)