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lots of prople dancing in public to their walkmans
19th Jun 2004, 01:26   comments (0)

jez bertday

flip the bird?
17th Jun 2004, 23:40   comments (0)

jez's b day

17th Jun 2004, 18:52   comments (0)

jerrys b day bash cont...

happy birthday to jerry and luke!
17th Jun 2004, 17:52   comments (0)

Jerry's birthday bash

we would have given him birthday beats but he's getting frail at his age, says he wats to retire to morroco or something...
17th Jun 2004, 17:24   comments (0)


13th Jun 2004, 01:54   comments (0)

fireworks cont...

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I got loads of really good footage on my p10, but I guess I cant blog 5 megapixel pics here can I?
13th Jun 2004, 01:45   comments (1)

Victoria Park fireworks

I was at Victoria park tonight as we heard there were going to be some sort of fireworkshow.
As we were making our way accross the park, it started to rain. My friend Sam and I turned round to go back thinking the show would be cancelled, but then we heard some fireworks and figured we may as well see whats going on....

When we got to the display we found that it was bigger and fancier then we had expected. There was a huge stage/rig held up by a crane in the middle.

I could make out at least 5 performers, who consisted of a man on chello, someone hitting big drums that would set the fireworks off, and at least 2 others who were dressed in suits of lightbulbs, suspended from the crane, pretty crazy really considering it was raining and they were surrounded by thousands of pounds of fireworks.

They brilliantly captivated thousands of people by creating a sense of anticipation, dramatically followed by massive outbursts of energy and light.

After one of these explosive releases, one of the men wearing the lightbulb suit danced around on top of a sphere which was projecting a moving image of some lips which slowly opened to reveal the earth. very well produced.
The highlight for me was when the huge set of fireworks were going off, a scally/rude boy type standing behind me said "its cultural innit"
13th Jun 2004, 01:13   comments (0)