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Parnngurr is located 370 kilometres due east of Newman in Western Australia.

The community is located in the Great Sandy Desert at the southern end of Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park.

There are 150 or so permanent residents here, a shop, and one school.

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I cant whistle for nuts

(viewed 692 times)
I cant recall which kid took this but it's not a very flattering view of my ugly mug.
11th Sep 2005, 13:48   comments (0)

Dog Hungry - Bone Tired.

(viewed 853 times)
I had to fight a few camp dogs off but I managed to get a bite in......nah..........just another abandoned bone and another coke before we set off to start some mobloggin' at the school. I hope the outfit wont scare them off to much *lol*
11th Sep 2005, 13:47   comments (0)

Dinner - Aussie Style

(viewed 904 times)
I know, I know .......there should be a few vegetables amongst this lot but ...........this is a little bit of tomato in there I'm sure.
11th Sep 2005, 13:41   comments (2)

Desert Spirit

(viewed 709 times)
I asked Gary if it was cool to take a photo of this little fella' hanging up proximate to my room in the Community House. I find it a little spooky but felt a little bit better about putting this photo up on the moblog when I heard that it was a gift to someone who had stayed in the house and that it brings good spirits to the space and place.
11th Sep 2005, 13:40   comments (0)

The Yellow Room

(viewed 724 times)
Looks basic but it is state of the art - notice the phone book propping up the lounge - it was actually a very comfortable place to stay with a shower, kitchen facilities etc. I was expecting to swag it and was pleasantly suprised. Well done Gary on keeping me ( Alex ) alive !
11th Sep 2005, 13:32   comments (1)

Community House Parnngurr

(viewed 748 times)
This is where visitors can stay when visiting Parnngurr. You will need to ring the Community Co-ordinator Tony and you will need express permission from the community to do anything other than meet/greet. There are many areas where you are asked not to venture into and that you respect the laws of the area and the wishes of the community. The caravan is an extra and so are the the donga's to the right although I suspect that you would fry in there during the next 6 months or freeze during winter.
11th Sep 2005, 13:31   comments (0)

Main street Parnngurr

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I reckon that having gravel roads is as Gary put it ' more authentic' that the bitumen variety. Give me the grass and the grit anyday. Out this way bitumen roads turn to slush during the summer heat and are not much fun for barefeet so I suspect they will remain this blessed red earth for many years to come.
11th Sep 2005, 13:25   comments (0)


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In this part of the school you have two choices of extra-curricular activity - hopscoth or the punching bag. This are backs onto the main high school students room.
11th Sep 2005, 13:25   comments (0)