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Time Travel

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This is Adam who unfortnately fell asleep and got left in the 1930s.

Fortunately I made it back to base.

My gosh and bally heck, it was a close thing chaps!
17th Dec 2004, 01:11   comments (1)


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What is the rose thing?
It looked like a mushroom. It was furry and the petal shaped things where quite thick.

Strange, very stange.
16th Dec 2004, 22:32   comments (0)

Some pets

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Rufus a dog, and Mungo a cat, are good mates. They have such an easy life. Although Rufus does suffer from mild depression and Mungo has a personaltiy disorder. We all love them though, every home should have some.
16th Dec 2004, 19:02   comments (2)


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and this dude. Weird, I don't remember having this phone in the 1930s.
16th Dec 2004, 18:46   comments (0)


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16th Dec 2004, 18:44   comments (1)


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I'm not sure if these two can identify themselves. I found these pictures on my phone after a long night.
16th Dec 2004, 18:40   comments (2)


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This is me, pouting for you all. Well it was more for vanity's sake. I seem to be getting more vain by the day. Hope this blog doesn't turn into just another introspective, self indulgent load of wank on the first post. It has? Let me try and do otherwise...
16th Dec 2004, 18:05   comments (3)
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