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Glastonbury Rule 1

by Andy Admin

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I'm going to try and 'moblog' Glastonbury this week. If I can get out of the mud.

This was set up as an experiment to see if we can moblog a pubcrawl as we were on it. We argued: If it fails, it will likely be down to technology or drink. My money's on drink.
Fortunately I passed go and have £200.

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Well i've made it here. Not the easiest

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Well i've made it here. Not the easiest place in the world to get to. Even more upsettingly, the bar shuts at 6 this evening. Good news is i've already got one in!
2nd Sep 2006, 13:59   comments (0)

When Ruleones Collide

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Massive, massive match tomorrow.
Can you risk not being there?
1st Sep 2006, 12:53   comments (0)

On the way home!

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We did it. We did it. We did it.

We also left a property card in each pub we went in with this site's url on it, so kudos to anyone who has found a card and has come on here for a butchers.
28th Aug 2006, 22:53   comments (3)

No. 26 Northumberland Ave

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We did it. We did it. Go people. It's your birthday. Suprised to hear the last orders bell as we walked in, meaning we were cutting it finer than we expected, but we still managed it somehow. Kudos to Ish for finishing it all. This is the Sherlock Holmes by the way. On Northumberland Ave. Thanks to Transport for London for almost not making this possible.
Don't have to do it again for another five years!

As we're getting some traffic here I thought I'd also big up Kat, who made it to half the pubs. In a couple of weeks she is doing the Breakthrough Breast Cancer walk. Anyone wanting to sponsor here can do so here -;=personal&fr;_id=1020
28th Aug 2006, 22:35   comments (7)

No. 25 Whitehall

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Matt's involved in this one. The Old Shades on Whitehall. The most unhappy barmaid in the world served us but she can fuck off. It's what she's paid for.
28th Aug 2006, 22:13   comments (1)

No.24 Pall Mall

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In the Texan Embassy on Pall Mall. People aren't happy with Budweiser as a drink. And Boro are 3 down!
28th Aug 2006, 21:47   comments (0)

No 23 Trafalgar Sq

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Chandos for Trafalgar Square :-)- one of our favorite pubs 'cos the beer is cheap! Pete wasn't taken by the Ayingerbrau though. Moaning sod.

Shout out to dawn and rob x
28th Aug 2006, 21:17   comments (0)

No 22 Leicester Square

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Leicester Square. Moon under the water. Named after the 'perfect' pub by someone in English literature. It was George Orwell.

Courtesy of Wikpedia:
The Moon Under Water was a 1946 essay by George Orwell. In the essay, which was published in the Evening Standard, Orwell provided a detailed explanation of the perfect pub, the Moon Under Water. The essay became the basis upon which the Wetherspoons chain of pubs were built and a number of them still carry the name.

Orwell stipulated ten key points that his perfect London pub should have (his criteria for country pubs being different, but unspecified).

1. The pub's archicture and fittings must be uncompromisingly Victorian.
2. Games, such as darts, are only planed in the public part of the bar; the saloon bar, ladies' bar, bottle-and-jug bar, and upstairs dining room.
3. The pub is quiet enough to talk, with the house possessing neither a radio nor a piano.
4. The barmaids know the customers by name and take an interest in everyone.
5. It sells tobacco and cigarettes, aspirins and stamps, and lets you use the phone.
6. There is a snack counter where you can get liver-sausage sandwiches, mussels (a specialty of the house), cheese, pickles and [...] large biscuits with caraway seeds.
7. Upstairs, six days a week, you can get a good, solid lunch -- for example, a cut off the joint, two vegetables and boiled jam roll -- for about three shillings.
8. [...] draught stout with it [...] It is a creamy sort of stout, and it goes better in a pewter pot.
9. They are particular about their drinking vessels at "The Moon Under Water" and never, for example, make the mistake of serving a pint of beer in a handleless glass. Apart from glass and pewter mugs, they have some of those pleasant strawberry-pink china ones.
10. [...] You go through a narrow passage leading out of the saloon, and find yourself in a fairly large garden.

He wrote that he did not know of any pubs that had more than eight of these combined in the one location.
28th Aug 2006, 20:56   comments (0)