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I was moved to write to the VC yesterday regarding Dave failing to make the short-list for dean. If they appointment Marina I predict a scramble for the lifeboats. It feels like the world really has gone mad. This morning sees the presentations from the remaining applicants. The air is filled with a sense of foreboding.
29th Oct 2009, 08:48   comments (0)


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On the 18.27 from Forster Sq. A totally silent electric model. The sereneness added to by the 3/4 emptiness.
26th Oct 2009, 18:33   comments (0)


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Another of the 6 or so 2005 clarets I got from oddbins a couple of years ago. Had it last night with Mum, Dad and Beccy. Pretty disappointing, as were the rest of that traunch. It perhaps shows that a good year in a good region and £10 p/bottle is no garantee of any meaning quality?
26th Oct 2009, 08:03   comments (0)


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Not sure any of these images will do it justice bit there was a raw blustery burst of sunlight on the way home from Cottingham. It followed a day long period of rain and seemed like a real life version of some of the autumnal descriptions in John Banville's The Sea.

Dinner tonight with Mum, Dad, Rachel and Nina. I tried hard but found myself tired and on insufficient form. Nina appears to be ok. Perhaps lacking in charisma but very polite. Had hoped she would have more about her. Beccy will struggle to report much noteworthy gossip when she meets her, although she does have those kids in shoreditch, what's the deal with that I wonder?
24th Oct 2009, 23:20   comments (0)


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October is near over. Mornings are now shrouded in darkness. The bus stop has a weird, other worldly edge to it at 6.50 this morning.

Spoke to Andrew yesterday about some problems with his vision. They seem to have coincided with his second, more aggressive round of chemo. They have him on prophylactic topical Prednioslone for reasons I can't figure out. I wonder if he will make it? He sounded very dignified. All credit to him. The thought of leaving his family behind must be unbearable.
23rd Oct 2009, 07:26   comments (0)

Fire in the sky....

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Autumnal feel to everything at the moment. The colours are amazing. It's helped hugely by the long period of dry sunny weather.

Eva seems to have entered a period of difficult behavior. We can't get her to smile these days and she has become very clingy. Still she continues to sleep long and soundly so we must be grateful for that.

More strife with the nursery. I just don't get why they can't see things from my point of view. I'm not laid back enough for them I guess. I know it's got to be like this but I still feel uneasy. Not helped by Eva's current problems.

Currently waiting for Matt in the North Bar which is having an Oktoberfest. Been waiting on my own for 25 mins and if it wasn't for my phone I'd be more stressed out than I already am. There is a middle aged woman next to me who is clearly not able to cope with the concept of standing at the bar and waiting your turn. She is twitching her way into my personal space.

Bizarre incident last week. Beccy initiated sex then demanded to watch some porn. Not all that successful really - I couldn't get into it. Maybe porn is a solo event. In any case I find it much less stimulating than I used to. Better end this before someone looks over my shoulder.
9th Oct 2009, 18:02   comments (0)


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Quite a strange, eerie light at 6.55 this morning. Felt like dusk rather than sunrise.

Now on the bus home. It is rammed, 20mins late and I can hear the determined voice of the verbally incontinent woman who talks at whoever is sat next to her. All this should be remembered when moaning about having to take the car to Bradford.
24th Sep 2009, 17:59   comments (0)


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For around the last 10 days I have found Beccy to be irritating. She manages to book up every wednesday, makes sure she has ample opportunity to go to the gym and socialise is every way whilst I am left babysitting. It grates somewhat. Sad to say I am not realising her birthday tomorrow. She is going out for a meal tomorrow, wednesday and having 8 people for dinner on Saturday. For a 33rd birthday surely that is excessive by any measure?
22nd Sep 2009, 02:30   comments (0)
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