quixotic axolotl

by mouseninja

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Mason Exotics


I like my axolotl
I keep her in a bottle
And if I’m feeing cross or mad
Or down or hurt or bad
I pull the cork and let her out
With fiery roar and shout
She flashes sparks and bellows loud
And throws her weight about
And when the monster’s scared
my friends made them hide upstairs
I catch the raging, stamping beast…and put her right back there.
Axolotl in a bottle, I really like you such a lotl.

Source: Whitehouse, E & Pudney, W, A Volcano in my Tummy, The Peace Foundation, Auckland 2002

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Mmm... Pancakes!

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18th Mar 2010, 11:59   comments (1)

It's been a long day for puppies!

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17th Mar 2010, 19:10   comments (1)

Today I will be mostly..

(viewed 443 times)
Looking after Morgan cat and her kittens...

In first stage labour.. This could be a long day!
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16th Mar 2010, 16:56   comments (2)

Puppies are getting big!

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Most are just over 1kg now.. And all have their eyes open. Doing really well :)

2 have homes already.. 2 boys 2 girls left :)
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12th Mar 2010, 10:53   comments (1)

Adverts that work..

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This advert has had me going for ages..

Kept seeing only the main part as we went past it in the car..

I kept saying to Mason, I'm sure it says Marmite fabric softener, but that can't be right!

Now I've seen it close up, it makes more sense :)

Well, the advert did it's job! I won't however be buying any.. Not for myself anyway, I'm intolerant to yeast.. :(
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5th Mar 2010, 15:02   comments (2)

Shiny :)

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27th Feb 2010, 21:09   comments (3)

Morons in the pub..

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This kind of childish behaviour really puts a downer on the night out..

Some of my mate's friends have been chucking 5ps at the table.. One went in the glass and broke it :(

They were all cheering til I pointed out someone owed her a drink.. Then everyone claimed it wasn't them.

It just makes me feel old, and reminds me why I don't go out!
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27th Feb 2010, 20:48   comments (0)

Pretty lights

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Big wheel in Nottingham town centre
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27th Feb 2010, 19:34   comments (1)